Powder Whisper® Loaders™

Pneu-Con Powder Whisper® Loaders

Dust-Free handling of fine and difficult-to-handle powders

Pneu-Con Self-Contained Powder Whisper® Loaders™ provide dust-free handling of fine and difficult-to-handle powders, fully assembled and ready for immediate use.

Key Features

  • Feed rates from 50 - 2000 pounds per hour.
  • Spun Aluminum construction with Stainless Steel or Painted Carbon Steel, Sanitary and Abrasion-resistant design options.
  • 60° Cone design, Mounting Flange and Discharge Valve.
  • 70° Cone and Mounting Brackets optional.
  • Filter Cartridges are Tubesheet mounted and lightweight for easy removal and replacement.
  • Filter Cartridge Types and Media are available for most applications.
  • The Vibra-Pulse™ Automatic Filter-cleaning System consumes 0.5 SCFM @ 60 PSI of dry, filtered compressed air for each cycle. (Compressed air source not included)
  • Standard Vacuum source is an economical and durable Brush-type Motor, or the optional Brush less-type Motor for higher conveying rates, longer service life and less maintenance. Standard voltage is 120VAC or 240VAC optional.
  • PLC-based Electrical Control Panel, NEMA 1 Hinged Enclosure (Options: Choose from a variety of PLC-based control modules and NEMA rated Enclosures).
  • Pick-up Lance and 10-ft clear Food Grade PVC Flexible Hose with integral Ground Wire.

Powder Loader

Consult Pneu-Con for available options.

Pneu-Con manufactures a complete line of Central Powered Conveying Systems, Whisper® Loader Self-Contained Systems, Blower Packages, Bag Dump Stations, Day Bins, Silos, Volumetric/Gravimetric Blenders, Tilt Stations (Drum & Gaylord), Powder Loaders, Powder Receivers, Bulk Bag Racks, Vertical Mixers, Weigh Hoppers/Batchers, Rotary Airlocks. Railcar Unload / Pull-Pack Systems, Just-In-Time Loaders & Fines Separators.

Vibra-Pulse™ fILTER

Every Pneu-Con Powder Whisper® Loader™ comes complete with a continuous Automatic Vibra-Pulse™ Filter-cleaning System built into the Cover Assembly.

A Jumper added to the Controller Inputs gives the user the option to have ON-Line or OFF-Line Pulse as required to match conveying needs.

Vibra-Pulse™ Filter-cleaning System

Continuous cleaning

During a timed cycle a burst of compressed air (or pulse-jet) is directed down through the top of the Filter Cartridge element. This induces a clean air flow into the filters, setting up a pneumatic shock wave inside the element. The filtered air flow is momentarily halted, and the Filter Media is firmly flexed causing accumulated dust particles to drop from between the pleats and into the hopper.

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