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Pneumatic Conveying Systems designed for you

From start to finish, or anything in-between, Pneu-Con offers highly specialized solutions made to your exact needs.

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Market Scope & Concept

We are the preferred resource of some of the most well known brands with solutions for the food, grain, coffee, chemical, pharmaceutical and plastics industries.

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Design & Engineering

Pneu-Con’s dry bulk material expertise allows us to smart-engineer pneumatic conveying systems for dry bulk and powder applications for the unique specifications of each customer.

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Startup & Service

In order to ensure functionality customers choose us to oversee the installation and perform startup services. In addition, we also service any product sold.

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Warranty & Parts

Our products are built for a lifetime of use. We encourage our clients to subscribe to our preventive maintenance program to receive a life time warranty, or buy filters and replacement directly from us to ensure proper operation.

Systems designed to your specifications

Specific Needs

No matter how complex your project, or what you need to handle, Pneu-Con can determine the best solution for you and solve your most challenging dry bulk and powder handling needs through custom-designed pneumatic conveying systems that are the perfect fit for your organization.

Continuous Growth

Pneu-Con’s four decades of dry bulk material handling expertise allows us to build solutions meant for your needs and give us the ability to help you scale them according to your evolving and growing business needs.

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Industries of Expertise

From Cosmetics to Food, and every Dry Bulk Material in between.


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Jasper Miller

Higherground Brewing Co.

As an entrepreneur, I know what it takes to get the job done right. The microbrewery business is full of unknowns. Therefore, investing in equipment and equipment manufactures that are professionally reliable is a must. 

Pneumatic conveying of malted barley is a crucial step in making our award winning beers. Unlike agars, the custom design layout and years of consistent operation has proven that pneumatic conveying is a superior grain handling system. By using air to gently move our malt we cut costs, increase production and ensure a world class quality product.

As a company, Pneu-Con has been top notch to work with. From the beginning design stages, it was easy to see their attention to detail. Installation of the pneumatic equipment was impressively fast. Operation of the equipment is intuitive and customer service is incredibly responsive. Pneu-con has a lot of value to offer the brewing industry. 

After 8 years of owning a microbrewery, I only have one regret. Not installing a pneumatic conveyor sooner! These systems can excel whether in a small microbrewery or a large production plant. Pneu-con has taken the unknowns out of grain handling and their equipment will help keep my business successful for years to come.


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