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Pneu-Con has spent over four decades aggregating a vast amount of dry bulk material knowledge and pneumatic conveying system engineering expertise. As the preferred one-stop resource chosen by some of the best known companies in the world to design and engineer pneumatic conveying systems for food, grain, coffee, chemical, pharmaceutical, nutritional, dairy and plastics applications, we have developed the unique ability to solve almost any dry bulk material conveying issue and design pneumatic conveying systems which are the perfect fit for the organizations they serve.


As an essential supplier of pneumatic conveying systems for critical manufacturing sectors, Pneu-Con remains open to support customers during this difficult time
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design pneumatic conveying system for powder and dry bulk material

Get solutions from leading dry Bulk Conveying experts

Pneu-Con's dry bulk and powder material handling system experts are skilled engineers and technicians with extensive experience designing custom dry bulk pneumatic conveying systems, and deep knowledge of dry material and powder characteristics. No matter how complex your dry bulk application is, or what dry bulk material you convey, Pneu-Con can pinpoint and solve your most challenging issues, and develop targeted engineered solutions that work.

Why customers choose Pneu-Con

  • Exceptional Ability to Solve dry bulk material application issues
  • Extensive Knowledge of dry bulk material handling processes
  • One-Stop Source for dry bulk material handling systems
  • Expert Design and Engineering capability
  • 3-5 Day Production Cycles and quick delivery

Pneu-Con is the go-to source for solving dry bulk material handling issues, and for durable smart-engineered pneumatic conveying systems and solutions.

dry bulk handling system sample materials

Dry Bulk & Powder Solutions

Need to move challenging dry bulk material?

Whether you handle dry bulk powder, food, coffee, grain, dairy, nutrition powders, pellets, plastics, chemicals, pharmaceutical, or other dry bulk material, Pneu-Con can solve your dry material handling challenges by tailoring a solution to fit your specific needs. Contact Pneu-Con to discover your best dry bulk material handling system options and real-world solutions.

Looking for the perfect dry bulk material handling system?

Custom dry bulk material Pneumatic Conveying Systems at off-the-shelf prices

Whether you are a global brand, or emerging business focused on growth, every dry bulk material processing operation is different. That's why Pneu-Con is your best source for smart-engineered pneumatic conveying solutions tailored for the unique challenges faced by the food, grain, coffee, nutrition, dairy, plastics, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

pneumatic conveying systems for handling dry bulk material

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