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Founded in 1969 as a sales organization focused on addressing the needs of plastic manufacturers in Southern California, Pneu-Con quickly grew beyond its beginnings as a sales organization and began to focus on design, manufacturing, installation and service of custom dry bulk material conveying solutions in diverse markets such as food, grain, coffee, dairy, chemical, plastic, nutritional and pharmaceutical. Pneumatic conveying systems designed and installed by Pneu-Con are used in some of the most demanding dry bulk material applications by some of the best-known brands and companies in the world.

Pneu-Con Facility, Ontario CA

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engineering capabilities

For more than 40 years, Pneu-Con has amassed an enormous amount of dry bulk material engineering knowledge and expertise. This depth of experience enables us to not only be the preferred engineering resource to solve issues for dry material handling, but also to serve as the top expert consultant on best-in-class methods of moving dry bulk material.

Dry material Experts

Pneu-Con specializes in dry bulk material applications

Our engineers are dry bulk material experts with decades of experience designing pneumatic conveying systems and developing solutions for dry material applications. We understand material characteristics and offer innovative approaches to conveying food, cereal, dairy, grain, coffee, confections, nuts, spices, chemicals, nutritional, pharmaceutical and other dry materials.

Bulk flour and dry oats in sacks

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Pneu-Con's main manufacturing operation is located in Ontario, California. With a well-equipped facility and an experienced fabrication team, we can produce complex, large-scale dry material handling systems as readily as small systems. Manufacturing our custom pneumatic conveying equipment in our own facility enables us to ensure quality materials and standards are utilized. This gives our customers peace of mind knowing that our finished products are of the best quality, and built to last.

Smart-Engineered Products

Complete line of pneumatic conveying systems for moving dry material

Pneu-Con's complete line of dry material pneumatic conveying systems and equipment ranges from ready-to-use self-contained vacuum conveying systems to fully installed central-powered vacuum or pressure conveying systems which are custom-designed for the unique requirements of each customer.

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