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Founded in 1969 as a sales organization focused on addressing the needs of plastic manufacturers in Southern California, Pneu-Con quickly grew beyond its beginnings as a sales organization and began to focus on design, manufacturing, installation and service of custom dry bulk material conveying solutions in diverse markets such as food, grain, coffee, dairy, chemical, plastic, nutritional and pharmaceutical.


Values for the next 40 years

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    We can engineer an effective and affordable pneumatic conveying solution for almost any type of dry material, including fine powders.

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    We know choosing the right pneumatic conveying system for your application is important so we asses all requirements.

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    We routinely service systems and equipment for returning customers that we manufactured 25-30 years ago.

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Our Industries

Pneu-Con has accumulated four decades of dry material engineering knowledge and expertise. For this reason, we are the best resource to solve material handling issues and design custom pneumatic conveying systems for best-in-class methods of moving dry material.

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Our expertise

Pneu-Con’s dry bulk and powder material handling system experts are skilled engineers and technicians with extensive experience designing custom dry bulk pneumatic conveying systems, and deep knowledge of dry material and powder characteristics.

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