About Pneu-Con


FOUNDED IN 1978, Pneumatic Conveying, Inc. (Pneu-Con) specializes in the custom-design, engineering, manufacturing and installation of high quality pneumatic conveying systems and equipment for moving dry bulk material. Our dry bulk material pneumatic conveying systems and solutions are custom-engineered to each client's specifications.

Pneu-Con's products include vacuum and pressure pneumatic conveying systems, equipment, and components. Pneu-Con has extensive experience manufacturing pneumatic conveying equipment to move most types of dry bulk material. We can install a complete pneumatic conveying system - to your requirements. We also offer service and support.

Pneu-Con’s proven versatility and cross-market experience are demonstrated through long relationships with clients in a variety of industries including the food, coffee, grain and brewery industries, as well as chemical, mineral, toner, cosmetic, plastics, pharmaceutical and other industries that face unique challenges when conveying bulk material.


Whether you seek to automate production lines, need to solve conveyance issues for challenging materials, or plan to modernize processes to improve efficiency and profitability, Pneu-Con can develop and install a custom engineered pneumatic conveying solution to support your goals.

Pneu-Con designs and manufactures quality pneumatic conveying systems and equipment from stainless steel, aluminum, and other materials. We are bulk material experts and can design conveying systems for most dry bulk materials including abrasives, corrosives, or fine powders.

From custom engineered systems to professional installations, Pneu-Con solves conveying issues for even the most demanding of material characteristics and operation requirements. From small jobs to complex processing challenges, we focus on producing high quality conveying solutions that are custom-engineered for your needs.


Strategic Automation

Pneu-Con can help you implement a strategic approach to automation to introduce efficiency into your process flow.


Pneu-Con is located in Ontario, California. Our modern, well-equipped manufacturing facility serves clients efficiently and quickly throughout North America and enables us to handle large-scale production jobs as readily as smaller job requests.


Pneu-Con specializes in bulk material conveying applications. Our Engineers & Craftsmen represent 180+ years in the bulk material handling industry with the expertise needed to deliver conveying solutions that work the way you need them to.


Our Technicians have experience in a wide range of market applications and understand material characteristics and techniques to convey powders, corrosive or abrasive materials, and other difficult-to-handle dry bulk materials.


Our clients include industry leaders who rely on Pneu-Con for our dry bulk material conveyance expertise and proven ability to custom-Design and engineer pneumatic conveying solutions specific to their unique requirements.