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Pneumatic conveying systems for granulated and powdered sugar

Sugar, a common name for crystallized sucrose, is widely used throughout the world as a sweetener, as a source of energy, and as an ingredient in packaged and baked foods, confectionery, dairy products, beverages and pharmaceuticals. Whether granulated or powdered, sugar is of significant value to the food, dairy, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

The sugar industry encompasses two main sectors – producers of sugar such as sugar mills and refineries, and the food, beverage, dairy and pharmaceutical manufacturers who use sugar as an ingredient in products.

Sugar conveying systems suitable for bakery, candy, confectionery, beverages and toppings

Types of Sugar

Granulated Sugar, Course Sugar, Fine Sugar, Powdered Sugar, Icing Sugar

Sugar can be refined into different grades and particle sizes to serve a variety of sugar applications. Sugar can be produced as regular granulated sugar and coarse sugar, or further ground into varying grades of fine, super-fine and powdered sugars.

Granulated Sugar (Crystallized Sugar)

Granulated sugar is a type of sugar which has been refined into a standard granular particle size distribution in the range of 1-2.5mm, with minimal or no dust. Granulated sugar is used in cocoa mixes, powdered drink mixes, dry mixes and coatings for doughnuts and cookies, candy, preserves, jams, jellies, condiments, dairy products, meats, canning, pickles, and snack foods.

Fine & Powdered Sugar (Confectioner’s)

Superfine and powdered sugars are granulated sugars which have been pulverized into a particle range of 100-250 microns, or smaller (generally categorized as 6X, 10X and 12X icing sugar). Powdered sugar is used in a wide range of bakery, candy and confectionery products, is suitable for icing and dusting, and is also used in pharmaceutical applications.

powdered sugar characteristics

Sugar Characteristics

Sugar is highly soluble in water, dissolves easily and supports fine crumb texture in baked goods.

  • Sugar is generally white in appearance and free flowing. The bulk density of granulated sugar is in the area of 800-850 kg/m3, and 600-700 kg/m3 for fine sugar.
  • Sugar is hygroscopic (tends to absorb moisture). Moisture can cause coagulation of sugar into large lumps during processing, which can adhere to sugar processing equipment and damage the sugar material, requiring re-processing or resulting in product loss.
  • Sugar is combustible, especially fine or powdered sugar. Care must be taken during handling to prevent explosive sugar dust from creating hazardous conditions and safety issues.

Pneumatic Conveying Systems for Sugar

Bulk Sugar handled by Pneumatic Conveying Systems

All types of bulk sugar, including various grades of granulated sugar and powdered sugar, can be handled by a pneumatic conveying system. Handling sugar with pneumatic conveying requires the use of proper technology, attention to material velocity and fines generation, and consideration of conveying air humidity to avoid substantial losses of both product and equipment investment.

bulk sugar handled by pneumatic conveying systems

sugar weigh batching and dosing systems for the beverage industry

Sugar Weigh Batching and Dosing Systems for the beverage industry

Many beverage industry manufacturers use sugar as a main ingredient in beverage products. Sugar can be stored in a silo, super sacks or 50lb kraft bags. The manufacturing process involves dosing a specific amount of sugar to a liquid mixer and preparing an industry-specific or proprietary beverage recipe. The correct amount of sugar (by weight) is added to the mixer by Loss in Weight from the dosing hopper or Gain in Weight of the receiving mixer.

Sugar Conveying System Experts

With more than 40 years of experience designing pneumatic conveying systems for prominent customers in the food, beverage, bakery, pharmaceutical and other industries, Pneu-Con can address all critical points involved in the handling of sugar. With a line of pneumatic conveying systems suitable for conveying all grades of granulated and powdered sugar, and as a supplier of dosing and weigh batching systems, Pneu-Con has been the vendor of choice for food, dairy, beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturers to solve issues for virtually any bulk sugar conveyance application.

Typical Sugar Conveying System Consists of:

  • Feed Station (Silo / Bulk Bag Discharge Station / Bag Dump)
  • Conveying Rotary Discharge Valve
  • Low-pressure Blower assembled as a compact unit on a frame

Special Considerations:

  • Mechanically robust with a low maintenance design.
  • Piping and accessories designed to achieve optimal conveying efficiency.
  • Optimized for production of large batches, small batches and frequent type. change-over.
  • Adaptation to existing production systems.
  • System design to provide Explosion Protection / Prevention.
  • Common Pneumatic Conveying System Design Considerations

Pneu-Con Advantages:

  • Standard customized design specially suited to sugar.
  • No interface problems.
  • Optimum control concepts.
  • Experienced engineering team.

Pneu-Con can design the perfect sugar handling system for your application. Contact us to discuss your specific sugar conveying challenges and discover the advantages of Pneu-Con's pneumatic conveying systems for sugar.

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