Central-Powered Systems

Complete Vacuum Conveying Systems For Moving Dry Bulk Material

From simple to complex systems

Pneu-Con's central-powered vacuum conveying systems are a complete vacuum conveying system. Typically comprised of a few basic components, central-powered vacuum conveying systems may include a multitude of specialized items.

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Key Features

Pneu-Con can provide you with a central-powered vacuum conveying system expansion or upgrade, or to establish a maintenance program.

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    They can either be centrally located vacuum-based or a pressure-based blower package.

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    Central-powered systems are set up using air & material conveying lines.

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    They can be retrofitted with material loaders, receivers and/or surge hoppers.

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    A main control panel gives you the ability to keep your machinery running smoothly.

Central-powered system - how it works

Central-powered systems can be customized to accommodate growing production requirements with
many options available to handle your specific conveying needs.

central material handling systems

How to enhance your system

Central-powered vacuum conveying systems can be as simple as systems “powered” from a single source blower package, or by multiple dedicated blower packages for large systems

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    Blower package

    Provides a simple “up & over” system for merely transferring product from point A to point B. By adding a few receivers and ancillary equipment to the system, you can dispense bulk material to several process-specific stations.

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    Control Panel

    Central-powered conveying systems can be supplied with a main system control panel and/or auxiliary panels including motor disconnect panel(s), silo and/or station-select panels, or alarm panels.

  • chronometer


    CP Systems operate on a BATCH principle. The duration of independently adjusted timers control the conveying and dump cycles for each station within the system.

  • flow


    A full range of equipment is available to enhance your central-powered conveying system to perform many discrete operations and sub-operations within the material-process flow.

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