Design & Engineering

Discover innovative engineered solutions for dry material handling.

Smart-engineered products

Pneu-Con’s dry bulk material expertise allows us to smart-engineer pneumatic conveying systems for dry bulk and powder applications for the unique specifications of each customer.


Design approach

Our customized approach means solutions and services tailored specifically to your needs.

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    To give you the best solution for your needs, we base our concept on the application that is requested. We start by deducing whether the material is suitable for conveying, if it will require testing and if there are any specific highlights or problems that need to be addressed. Depending on the product, we take into account any features that will impact the system.

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    Once the concept is laid out, we can proceed with any additional research or system requirement listing. Establishing system sizing is done based on the application and its objectives. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions, everything is catered to your exact specifications.

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    Designs are developed to define additional features and to ensure requirements are met. The type of conveying system is chosen (pressure or vacuum), parameters are set and sizing for individual parts and equipment is defined. All to ensure the system is designed to function to your specifications.

Engineering services

Design and Supply of Equipment and Systems for demanding customers in demanding environments.

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    When the project is awarded it can commence with a kick-off meeting to review specifics. We can then plan and identify timelines and critical paths that will bring your project to a successful launch.

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    With the plan and project objectives in sight we can start to configure your solution. This entails 3D drawings, layout planning, equipment lists, control panel architectures and much more. Once these deliverables are finalized they are ready for approval and next steps.

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    After receiving final approval the project execution steps are set in motion. The location and the equipment are prepared, and external procurements are obtained. Project schedules are updated and a final inspection is done. When everything is in place a factory acceptance test (FAT) is completed.

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Finding exactly what you need is our mission.

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