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Dry Bulk Foods

Food production is one of the largest, most varied, and important industries in the world. Whether you work with sugar, flour, salt, nuts, oats, grains, granola, rice, spices, seasonings, toppings, coatings, cereal, coffee, tea, powdered milk or proteins, or even pet food, Pneu-Con is your best source for sanitary food-grade pneumatic conveying equipment and experience-based engineered solutions for any type of dry food or dry ingredient processing challenge you face.

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Key Markets

Pneumatic Conveying For Dry Bulk And Powder Materials


Are you still scooping and transferring coffee beans by hand during roasting, cooling, grinding, and packaging? Do you need a way to protect fragile coffee beans from damage during processing?

Pneu-Con’s Coffee Conveying System is the ideal solution for coffee bean processing. From green beans to roasted beans to grounds, our coffee conveying system solves many common challenges faced by coffee roasters and bulk coffee producers.

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Are you still handling tea leaves by hand during drying, grinding and packaging? Do you need a way to protect fragile tea leaves from damage during processing?

Pneu-Con’s Tea Leaf Conveying System is the ideal solution for tea leaf processing. From fresh leaves to dry ones, our systems helps ensure their quality remains intact.

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Pneu-Con’s Grain Conveying Systems, featuring Pneu-Con’s proven self-contained Whisper Loader, offer the ultimate solution in reliability and flexibility for dry bulk grain handling.

Our Grain Conveying Systems can handle a wide variety of dry bulk grains, including all conventional breakfast grains, and all dried beans, seeds, and nuts. These systems are flexible, offering you the ability to start with a few stations, then add stations and optional equipment on-demand, to economically scale upward as demand grows.

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Dry dairy products have unique characteristics which challenge dairy processing plants to find ways of moving dairy material through production lines in a way that maintains product quality while complying with regulations for sanitation and avoiding contamination.

From powdered milk and baby formula to whey or casein powder products, dairy product processing operations commonly need ways to solve issues with sanitation, product quality control, dust containment, batching, blending and material flow.

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Key features of the dry bulk industry

Why choose Pneu-Con to help you in the Food Market?

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    Dry Food Ingredients

    Pneu-Con’s ability to engineer pneumatic conveying systems for the broadest range of dry food materials is unique in the industry.

  • weighing-scale

    Weighing & Blending

    Many dry packaged foods and snacks involve the weighing and blending of ingredients. Accuracy is critical when weighing and blending dry food ingredients based on a recipe.

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    Specialty Food Markets

    Within the food industry are specialty food processors who focus on a single type of food product. Pneu-Con engineers solutions for any type of specialty dry bulk food application, and dry food material.

  • process

    Conveying Solutions

    Pneu-Con’s pneumatic conveying systems are the perfect solution for dry food ingredient handling using food-grade equipment which protects materials during processing.

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Ensuring no product loss, no contamination and material safety are at the forefront of our hemp based solutions.


For dry bulk material applications which involve powder conveying, many factors must be considered when designing a conveying system.


Systems to help control product flow and make sure there is no product contamination.

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