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Pneu-Con offers a complete line of Bag Dump Stations with optional self-contained dust collection systems, rotary airlocks, pneumatic conveying take-off boxes or conveying adapters to feed material into a conveying line.

bag dump station

Bag Dump Station Key Features

  • dust


    Available with or without dust containment system. Dust collector with 110 sq. ft. filter area (10 pleated filter cartridges). Optional dust collector with 132 sq. ft. filter area.

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    Comes in aluminum or stainless steel with a 60° pyramid hopper and 8 cu. ft. of working capacity. Removable grid bars with interlocking proximity switch. The system comes pre-assembled with an easy to clean design.

  • control-panel


    Equipped with a NEMA 12 control panel and a manual starter system containing control transformer and fuses. Built with heater filter pulse control system.

  • clean


    Automatic pulse filter cleaning system with four headers, pulse bottles and solenoids.

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Pulse valves 

Pulse air canisters

Exhaust silencer

Integral exhaust fan

Rotary air lock


Convey adapter

Air plenum filters

Dump station door

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    Systems that help move your product so you don’t have to.

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    Requirements designed to ensure functionality is tailored to you.

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    Parts that last and support that helps you maintain your equipment.

Frequently asked questions

Why choose a pneumatic conveying system over a mechanical conveying system?

Some of the advantages of choosing a pneumatic conveying system over a mechanical transport system are adaptability to virtually any site configuration, ease of maintenance, and faster ROI. Pneumatic conveying systems can also move dry bulk materials farther than conventional mechanical systems, at a lower cost.

How much does a pneumatic conveying system cost?

Pricing for a pneumatic conveying system varies from project to project, and from application to application. We treat every customer’s project as a custom design, but can often put together a bulk material handling solution standard parts. This approach can save the customer time and reduce overall costs. We can also design and engineer a complete custom pneumatic conveying solution based on a customer’s specifications, and for those bulk material applications which have unique requirements.

Which services does Pneu-Con offer?

Pneu-Con can design and engineer any type of bulk material handling system for most applications. We engineer and manufacture pneumatic conveying systems and can integrate our systems with components and controls from other manufacturers.

Our full range of services includes market research, design & engineering, integration, commissioning, startup, repair, parts, maintenance and staff training of complete bulk material processing systems and solutions.

How do I contact Pneu-Con sales?

You can reach the Pneu-Con sales team by calling 1 (800) 655-4481 from 7:00am - 5:00pm, Monday through Friday. Outside of regular business hours, you can send an online message to sales for email delivery. Our sales team will get back with you during regular business hours.

To request a quote, please complete our online RFQ form and submit it with your project information and contact details. Your request will be sent to one of our team members who will contact you during regular business hours with a quote, or to discuss your project.

Customize your machinery

  • Unit comes pre-assembled.
  • Dust collector with 110 sq. ft. filter area (10 pleated filter cartridges).
  • Optional dust collector with 132 sq. ft. filter area
  • Automatic pulse filter cleaning system with four headers, pulse bottles and solenoids.
  • 1,000 CFM Fan package, complete with 3HP 230/460/3/60 TEFC motor.
  • NEMA 12 control panel
  • Manual starter, control transformer, fuses
  • Heaters & filter pulse control system.
  • Requires 5.5 SCFM of compressed air @80 psi and 230/460/3/60 power.

Options & accessories

bag dump station dust control
Extra-Long Legs

Extra-long legs for airlock with bulk bag option.

automatic bag dump station
Quick Disconnect

Quick disconnect fan for easy filter access.

bulk bag dump station
Large Capacity

Large capacity with bulk bag option.

sack dump station
Removable Grate

Removable grate and back plenum for easy cleaning.

Industries that might interest you



Ensuring no product loss, no contamination and material safety are at the forefront of our hemp based solutions.

Dry Ingredients

Food production is one of the largest, most varied and important industries in the world.


Pneumatic conveying system for applications involving the movement of dry plastics and resins. 

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