Food production Capacity

Expand food production capacity

Pneumatic conveying systems can help food suppliers rapidly expand food production to meet demand

COVID-19 has triggered an explosion in demand for food staples (flour, sugar, salt, spices, wheat, corn, rice, oats, nuts), dry food ingredients, packaged food, baked goods and snack foods. This sudden surge in demand has food suppliers and manufacturers operating at maximum capacity while searching for solutions to quickly increase food production to meet the demand for dry and packaged food products and bulk ingredients.

Pneu-Con can help food suppliers expand dry bulk food conveying capacity through our line of self-contained food conveying systems, which can be ready to ship in 3-5 days.

bags of flour, oats, sugar, salt for pneumatic conveying

Pneu-Con supports U.S. food suppliers & manufacturers

pneumatic food conveying system vacuum loader

Pneu-Con's food conveying systems help food suppliers expand production capacity

  • Food Conveying Systems - assembled and ready for immediate use
  • Automatic Filter Cleaning system built into the cover assembly
  • Simple to Install system is easy to clean and maintain
  • Sanitary Designs for food conveying applications
  • Quick Shipment to most U.S. locations, 3-5 days

Food production at maximum capacity?

Expand Food production capacity through automation

One of the best ways to increase food production capacity, whether you supply dry bulk food ingredients to food producers or produce packaged snacks and food products, is to automate processing. Manual labor adds to the cost of food production and increases the time it takes to turn dry food ingredients into finished packaged food products. A quick way to automate the transfer, blending and packaging of dry bulk food is through the use of a pneumatic conveying system designed for food applications.

automate food powder processing

baked goods and snack foods

food conveying experts ready to help

Pneu-Con has decades of experience engineering pneumatic conveying solutions for food plants and ingredient suppliers. Connect with food conveying system experts to get a jump on expanding dry bulk food conveying capacity in your food production operation. Our food conveying system experts are knowledgeable and ready to help customers during these challenging times.

Call (800) 655-4481 to discuss pneumatic conveying system options with one of our experts.

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