Conveying systems that are engineered to move a variety of materials.

Serving a broad range of markets

Pneu-Con’s versatility enables us to serve clients in a broad range of industries who need quality pneumatic conveying systems for moving dry material. We have extensive experience in engineering systems to move a variety of materials. We have solved material handling challenges for clients in many industries including food, coffee, grain, dairy, nutritional, chemical, mineral, plastic and pharmaceutical.


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Ensuring no product loss, no contamination and material safety are at the forefront of our hemp based solutions.

Dry Ingredients

Food production is one of the largest, most varied and important industries in the world.


For dry bulk material applications which involve powder conveying, many factors must be considered when designing a conveying system.


Systems to help control product flow and make sure there is no product contamination. 


Pneumatic conveying system for applications involving the movement of dry plastics and resins. 


Pneu-Con is ready to solve your dry bulk and powder material challenges.

Explosion proof expertise


Some products require an extra level of care and safety, and Pneu-Con has a distinct expertise when it comes to explosion proof systems.

We offer a unique solution thanks to our ability to limit the flow of materials, thus creating a very low cost solution to deal with this challenge.

This technology does not apply to all materials but most notably it centers around certain powders and sugar, as mixing different elements can lead to them becoming dangerous and explosive.


Benefits of working with Pneu-Con

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    Problem Solving

    Exceptional Ability to Solve dry bulk material application issues.

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    Extensive Knowledge of dry bulk material handling processes.

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    One-Stop Source for dry bulk material handling systems.

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    3-5 Day Production Cycles and quick delivery.

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