Vacuum Loaders

A vacuum conveying loader system design for easy operation, low maintenance and easy cleaning.

Powder and Whisper Loaders

Self-contained vacuum loader conveying systems that operate automatically to maintain a constant material level in day bins or a receiving hopper, which can be located above injection, extrusion, or blow molding machines.

plastic pellet vacuum loader

Key features

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    Dust Free

    Pneu-Con's Self-Contained Powder Whisper Loaders are specifically designed for dust-free handling of fine and difficult-to-handle powders. Up to 3,500 lbs per hour-flexible filtration configurations.

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    Fully assembled and ready for immediate use, every Powder Whisper Loader comes with a continuous automatic Vibra-Pulse™ Filter Cleaning System built into the cover assembly.

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    Proportional loaders allow for the alternate conveying of two (2) different materials. Interblend is a static internal blender used to prevent layering in a proportioning loader.

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    Complete plug and play system with loader, pick up wand, hose and controls. The duration of the conveying (run-time) and dump cycle (dump-time) can be adjusted to suit the application using the controller settings.

Experience the product


Exhaust silencer

Flapper valve

Proximity switch

Pulse air canister

Product inlet

Pulse valve


Exhaust silencer

Integral vacuum pump

Proximity switch

Pulse air canister

Product inlet

Pulse valve

Flapper valve

Why choose this solution?

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    Systems that help move your product so you don’t have to.

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    Requirements designed to ensure functionality is tailored to you.

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    Parts that last and support that helps you maintain your equipment.

Frequently asked questions


Customize your machinery

  • 70° Cone and Mounting Brackets are optional.
  • Available in aluminum, carbon and stainless steel.
  • Available with 120 or 240 voltages.
  • Special inlet configurations are available.
  • Semi-TE, and Box-TE options are available.
  • Abrasion-resistant designs are available.
  • Sanitary designs are available.
  • Choose from a variety of PLC-based control modules and NEMA rated Enclosures.
  • Variable speed control option is available.

Options & accessories  

loader sound hood
Sound Hood
coffee loader control system
coffee pneumatic conveying
loader filters
Filter Media
portable hopper
Portable Hopper

Whisper Loader models

With so many features and benefits offered in our standard Whisper Loader vacuum loader conveying system package, and numerous optional enhancements available, the best way to determine which package is suited to your dry bulk material application is to contact us.

self-contained vacuum loaders
whisper loader
vacuum loader for powder
vacuum loader for plastic pellets
material vacuum loader

Just-In-Time loaders

Available in aluminum or stainless steel construction, our Just-In-Time Loaders are ideal for clean rooms - no conveying air or dust is released from the loader during product material handling.

just in time loader
Standard Just-In-Time loader
  • Loader discharges directly into throat of press.
  • Capacity of only a few ounces of material on the press.
  • Must be able to pull a vacuum against the throat of the press.
Semi-Just-In-Time Loader
  • Loader Discharges directly into throat of press.
  • Capacity of up to several pounds of material – additional material is stored in expansion hopper below the Loader.
  • Expansion Hoppers available in several sizes to match specific “Shot” size requirements Must be able to pull a vacuum against the throat of the press
Standard Just-In-Time loader + Expansion Hopper
  • Conventional Loader with small Machine Hopper – Does NOT pull a vacuum against the throat of the molding machine.
  • Provides JIT benefits on a loader that can be used with: magnets, color feeders or vented throats.
  • Available in a Proportional version. Machine Hopper available in several sizes to match specific rate requirements.

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Ensuring no product loss, no contamination and material safety are at the forefront of our hemp based solutions.


Systems to help control product flow and make sure there is no product contamination. 


For dry bulk material applications which involve powder conveying, many factors must be considered when designing a conveying system.

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