Dry Bulk Materials

Materials Conveyed

Whether you need to convey dry bulk food, coffee, grains, minerals, chemicals, fine powders, plastics or other dry bulk material, Pneu-Con is uniquely positioned to help you strategically optimize dry bulk material flow for your specific application and environment - including challenging materials and process environments.

Dry Bulk Experts

Pneu-Con has extensive cross-market experience designing pneumatic conveying systems for a variety of applications and materials including food, coffee, cosmetics, grains, minerals, protein powder, salt, spice, sugar, toner, powder, sticky, corrosive or abrasive, pellet or flaky materials, and other difficult-to-handle dry bulk materials.

Dry Bulk Materials

Pneu-Con has cross-market experience and can engineer a solution for most dry bulk materials.
These samples are a cross-section of materials. Contact us to ask about specific materials

Abrasive · Corrosive · Fine Powder · Flaky · Fluidizable · Free-flowing · Granular · Spherical · Sticky · Others

Dry Bulk Material Handling

No matter how challenging your application or type of dry bulk material you need to convey, Pneu-Con can provide you with quality pneumatic conveying systems, turn-key installations, equipment, components, service and support customized to your unique specifications, application and environment.

Our Clients include business leaders who rely on our dry bulk material conveyance expertise and proven ability to implement strategic automation through custom-engineered pneumatic conveying solutions designed to meet their specific requirements.

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