Pneumatic Conveying Advantages

What is Pneumatic Conveying?

Pneumatic conveying involves the use of air under pressure or vacuum to move product material from one or more pick-up sources to one or more destinations through conveying lines.

  • Vacuum conveying uses vacuum to pull material from source through conveying lines to destination.
  • Pressure conveying uses air under pressure to push material from source through conveying lines to destination.

Pneumatic conveying methods offer several key advantages over mechanical transport methods, particularly when moving dry bulk or powder material.

pneumatic conveying for dry bulk material

improve safety for workers

Advantages of pneumatic conveying

  • Dust-free operation.
  • Simpler product pick-up.
  • Enclosed transfer offers safety.
  • Material remains sanitary.

With sealed pneumatic conveying systems, material is contained within the conveying equipment and lines, preventing product dust from contaminating the work area, or harming workers. This is especially critical when dust is dangerous. Contact us to learn more about product safety and dust containment solutions.

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Pneumatic conveying has clear advantages over auger, belt, bucket or puck and cable conveying. Aside from dust-free operation and improved safety, advantages include easy cleaning and low maintenance. With no internal moving parts and the ability to move dry material from one or more sources to multiple destinations, pneumatic conveying is the ideal solution for product protection along with flexible system configuration and expansion options.

Is pneumatic conveying the right choice for your application?

Compare Mechanical with Pneumatic Conveying

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Pneumatic conveying methods

Dense phase pneumatic conveying

A method of moving dry bulk or powder material where a higher concentration or ratio of material to air is transported from the source to the destination at lower speed in enclosed conveying lines using compressed air pressure, or suction.

Semi-dense phase pneumatic conveying

A method of transferring dry bulk or powder material where material is partially suspended in an air stream and moved at a moderate velocity from source to destination in enclosed conveying lines using air pressure, or vacuum suction.

Dilute phase pneumatic conveying

A method of conveying dry bulk or powder material where material is mixed and continuously suspended in a high velocity air stream and moved from source to destination in enclosed conveying lines using air pressure, or vacuum suction.

Choosing a pneumatic conveying method

Each type of pneumatic conveying has it's own advantages. Not all conveying methods are suitable for all types of powders or dry materials. Determining the best option for a specific material, application and processing facility involves evaluation of many factors, such as:

Dry material particle size

Dry material density

Dry material characteristics

Pick up source & destination

Conveying rate & distance

Batch or continuous process

Line length, elevation, bends

Facility space & headroom

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Discover the best pneumatic conveying system

Get pneumatic conveying solutions that fit your application

Pneumatic conveying systems are as varied as the companies they serve. A one-size-fits all approach is usually not the best choice. The most effective bulk material handling systems are those which are custom-designed to precisely fit the processing environment and dry material applications they serve.

At Pneu-Con, we have spent over four decades successfully solving dry material transfer issues and designing custom pneumatic conveying systems for customers in a wide range of industries. During that time, we have accumulated a vast amount of dry material handling knowledge and engineering expertise. We are well-known for our ability to solve an almost limitless range of material handling challenges. We can engineer an effective and affordable pneumatic conveying solution for almost any type of dry material, including fine powders.

From dry ingredients for packaged foods and snacks, to coffee, grain, dairy, candy, spices, pellets, plastics, powders, minerals, nutritional, chemical and pharmaceutical ingredients, Pneu-Con can work with you to design the perfect dry material handling system for your application. Contact us to discuss your challenges and discover the benefits of Pneu-Con's pneumatic conveying systems.

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Engage dry material experts

Given the importance of choosing the right pneumatic conveying system for your application, engaging Pneu-Con to assess your requirements will ensure your dry material handling system investment is well spent. With decades of experience solving issues and designing pneumatic conveying systems for a wide range of applications, our engineers are ready to evaluate your material, processes and facility to help you develop the best dry material handling solution for your unique needs.

Smart-Engineered Products

Pneu-Con's Smart-Engineered pneumatic conveying systems for moving dry material and powder includes our featured self-contained vacuum conveying systems, Whisper Loaders, as well as custom central-powered vacuum or pressure conveying systems which are precisely designed and engineered for the specific needs of each customer.

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