Pneumatic Conveying Design Considerations

Pneumatic Conveying System Design Considerations

Designing an optimal dry bulk material handling system

Construction, material characteristics, sanitation, cleaning, safety and other concerns can influence the design of a pneumatic conveying system. Here are some common design considerations:

  • Are there any unique dry bulk material characteristics to consider?
  • What construction materials should be used?
  • What product density should be used for volume and design calculations?
  • Is material degradation a concern?
  • Is material segregation a concern?
  • What type of material discharge pattern is preferred or required for the application?
  • Is a flow aid device required for reliable discharge?

pneumatic conveying for dry bulk material

Pneu-Con's facility in Ontario, California

Pneumatic Conveying Design experts

Given the importance of properly assessing pneumatic conveying system design considerations and material characteristics, working with an experienced engineering team is critical to the successful identification of application requirements which ensure the value of your pneumatic conveying system investment is maximized. With decades of experience designing pneumatic conveying systems for a wide range of applications, our engineers are ready to evaluate your material and application to help you develop the best pneumatic conveying system solution for your specific needs.

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