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Unique Solutions
Pneumatic Conveying Systems

We provide Pneumatic conveying solutions that involve the use of air under pressure or vacuum to move product material from one or more pick-up sources to one or more destinations through conveying lines. Our unique process of material movement helps keep your product damage-free and explosion-proof.

Tailored to Your Needs

With our four decades of dry bulk material handling, we have the expertise that allows us to build the best solutions for your needs, no matter how complex your project. We’re here to help you scale according to your evolving and growing business needs.


A wide variety of options & accessories

Self-Cleaning Filters

Self-Cleaning “Central Filters” are used when receivers do not include primary filtration, or when material is hazardous if escaped from the system. Central Filters include automatic pulse filter cartridge cleaning, self dumping receiver, standard wall or floor frame mount bracket, dust retainer skirt. Choose 3, 4, or 7 pleated filter cartridges.

Portable Hoppers

Pneu-Con's Portable Hoppers are optionally available as an accessory for your Central-Powered Conveying System. Other options and accessories are available including scale hoppers, scale platforms, load cells, and more.

Cartridge Filters

Tube cartridge filters are available for Vibra-Pulse™ automatic filter cleaning systems in many sizes. We offer static filters or optional self-cleaning central filters. Filter sizes are determined by cubic-feet-per-minute of conveying air and the type of receivers used.

Powder Receivers

Pneu-Con's powder receivers offer dust-free handling of powders as part of a conveying system. No powder material is too challenging for our pneumatic conveying system experts.

Pneumatic conveying solutions

Why choose Pneu-Con to help you with your dry bulk materials in 2021?

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    Market Scope & Concept

    We are the preferred resource of some of the most well known brands with solutions for the food, grain, coffee, chemical, pharmaceutical and plastics industries.

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    Startup & Service

    In order to ensure functionality customers choose us to oversee the installation and perform startup services. In addition, we also service any product sold.

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    Design & Engineering

    Our dry bulk material expertise allows us to smart-engineer pneumatic conveying systems for dry bulk and powder applications for the unique specifications of each customer.

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    Warranty & Replacement Parts

    Our products are built for a lifetime of use. We encourage our clients to subscribe to our preventive maintenance program to receive a lifetime warranty, or buy filters and replacement parts directly from us to ensure proper operation.

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