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For more than 100 years, pneumatic conveying has been in the forefront of the dry bulk material handling industry as a proven, sanitary and cost-effective solution for moving dry bulk and powder material. Pneumatic conveying is a highly effective conveying method for moving granules, pellets, flakes, fine powders and other dry materials that are spherical, corrosive, abrasive, oily, sticky fluidizable, or free-flowing.

Testing material in a conveying test lab can go a long way to supporting the decision-making process when exploring an investment in a new or upgraded dry bulk material conveying system.

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Pneumatic conveying advantages

Pneumatic conveying has several advantages over traditional conveying systems. By comparing pneumatic conveying with mechanical systems such as belt conveyors, auger/screw conveyors, bucket elevators, vibrating conveyors or tubular drag chain/cable/disc conveyors, it becomes evident that most mechanical conveying options lack features which help prevent material attrition, damage and degradation. Particularly true for flour, grain, dairy or nutritional powders, seeds, sugar, spices, salt, chemicals & plastics, pneumatic conveying offers sanitary, safe and dust-free material transfer which protects it from damage, loss and escape during transport.

Pneumatic conveying suitability

The basic principle of pneumatic transport by suspending and propelling material particles in a gaseous conveying medium, such as air, and moving it through pneumatic conveying pipes is simple in concept and practical when applied. If your application requires safe and careful handling of dry materials or powders without spillage, escape, damage or alteration of material properties, then pneumatic conveying could be your ideal solution.

The best way to find out if pneumatic conveying is suited to your application is to have us test your dry bulk or powder material in our in-house test lab. Contact us to get started

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Benefits of testing material

When weighing the pros and cons of conveying methods, it can be beneficial to test your dry material in a pneumatic conveying lab. Testing material in Pneu-Con's in-house test lab can demonstrate the suitability of pneumatic conveying for a specific application and offer you the opportunity to observe and verify our pneumatic conveying system's performance.

Our test lab is well-equipped and fitted with a variety of configurations for testing vacuum or pressure conveying, and has a control system to log performance data. Testing in our lab per your specifications and objectives can demonstrate that our pneumatic conveying system can handle your material without degradation or alteration.

Schedule testing with Pneu-Con

Send us a sample of dry material (10 -100lbs) along with your application details and criteria. We'll test your material in our lab using process parameters tailored to your application. You can witness the performance and control features of our test system so you feel confident choosing pneumatic conveying as the best solution for your application and ensure that a Pneu-Con smart-engineered pneumatic conveying system will meet your requirements and objectives.

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