Handling powder has unique challenges which require precise
equipment designs and filtration systems.

A variety of characteristics and particle sizes

For dry bulk material applications which involve powder conveying, many factors must be considered when designing a powder conveying system. An effective powder conveying system should maximize powder transfer while minimizing dust and escaped or lost powder material.

powder pneumatic conveying system

Key Features of this industry

Preventing loss of valuable product is a challenge in applications involving fine or powdery material,
such as in pharmaceutical or chemical applications.

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    Body & Materials

    Powder applications can be constructed using a variety of materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel, and aluminum.

  • packaging


    Our systems are equipped to last and come with wear resistant material inlets for abrasive powders, ensuring your machinery remains damage-free.

  • dust


    Clean, dust-free enclosed systems. Pleated cartridge filters to maximize filter area and system functionality.

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    Explosion Protection

    Our specially designed systems can handle your needs when it comes to dangerous or controlled substances and powders.

Explosion proof expertise


Some products require an extra level of care and safety, and Pneu-Con has a distinct expertise when it comes to explosion proof systems.

We offer a unique solution thanks to our ability to limit the flow of materials, thus creating a very low cost solution to deal with this challenge.

This technology does not apply to all materials but most notably it centers around certain powders and sugar, as mixing different elements can lead to them becoming dangerous and explosive.


Challenges and Solutions

No powder material is too challenging for our pneumatic conveying system experts.


Portability requirements

Product movement can be dangerous and tedious. We offer portable feed bin hoppers that allow you to move your products safely and efficiently.


Fragile Products

Our products use speed control as well as a boxed inlet system that helps deduce impact and prevent a breakdown of the materials.


Limited Floor Space

Not every factory has the same amount of space. Our systems are built to work in compact layouts with specially placed side access filters for convenience.


Dust control

Our systems are equipped with primary and secondary filtration systems, and built with high efficiency PTFE filter media that ensure a dust-free environment.

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Options & accessories

vacuum transfer system for powder

Self-contained powder loaders are designed for dust-free handling of fine and difficult powders.

vacuum transfer system

Pneu-Con's powder receivers offer dust-free handling of powders as part of a conveying system.

pneumatic conveying filter

Tube cartridge filters are available for Vibra-Pulse™ automatic filter cleaning system in many sizes.

dry bulk blower

Pneu-Con's line of blower packages are designed to maintain proper air flow when moving powders.

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For dry bulk material applications which involve powder conveying, many factors must be considered when designing a conveying system.


Pneu-Con is ready to solve your dry bulk and powder material challenges.

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