PLC Upgrades

Loaders built before 2006 contained control boards instead of programmable logic controllers (PLCs). Pneu-con offers a retro-fit kit to convert your system to a PLC controlled system without having to buy a whole new system. This gives operators more control of the system and more flexibilty when adding accessories that require controls.


Replacement Motors

replacement motor

Our Loader motors can be replaced.  Pneu-con offers the ability to replace your loader motor quickly and easily.  Refer to your motor label for identification or call customer service for assistance.


Retrofit Kits for Loaders

Loaders built before 2018 have motors that have become obsolete. Pneu-con offers the ability to upgrade your old loader motor without having to change your whole system. Purchase this retro-fit kit and perform the change yourself or send your loader in and we will make the change.