Blower Packages

Custom-designed and engineered vacuum and pressure blowers that provide the correct amount of CFM of airflow required to pick up and convey any type of dry bulk product. Pneu-Con’s positive displacement blower packages combine the most efficient air source available with low maintenance.

Belt-drive for optimal system sizing, our blower packages are individually designed with the proper cubic feet-per-minute (CPFM) of airflow for conveying a specific material. We analyze and model every application to assist us in recommending the correct power source.



Every blower is designed based on product specifications, the distance that product has to be conveyed, and the environment where the product will be conveyed. Complete Blower Packages come standard with a vacuum/ pressure gauge, a Blower Protection Filter, and a Vacuum Breaker Valve that can switch from vacuum to atmospheric air to increase durability and efficiency.

– Comes standard with static blower protection filter but optional with Self-cleaning central filters. Central filters are equipped with wall mount brackets, filter cartridges, and an Automatic Vibra-Pulse Filter Cleaning system.
– Also optional with various sound enclosures; contact us for options and prices.

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