Coffee Whisper Loader Kit

Pneu-Con’s industry-proven Coffee Whisper Loader™ Kits empower coffee roasters to safely and efficiently move green beans to the roaster or roasted beans to the grinder or bagging station. Our superior air-powered pneumatic conveyors – with integrated vacuum motors – are sanitary and filter-cleaning Vibra-Pulse™ tech maintains that.

Our proprietary, gentle SOF Technology™ (spiral open-flow tech) virtually eliminates bean breakage, while the programmable flapper assembly completes the seamless hand-off of product. The control panel can program all cycles in your process, including flapper activation, and the variable-speed potentiometer manages overall flow-rate of product.

Pneu-Con’s best-in-class, aluminum-bodied Whisper loaders are lightweight and reliable. Stainless steel models also available. Our American-made kits are in stock, install in minutes, plug into standard outlets, and ship in days.

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Technical Specs

Our Coffee Whisper Loader Kit includes everything you need to get started in minutes:

Coffee Whisper Loader
Model: SC-2000
Material: Aluminum (standard Model)
Weight: 25 lbs.
Throughput: Moves (up to) 2000 lbs. per hour, depending on material
Filter: 14″ dia., PTFE-coated


Vibra Pulse (self-cleaning system)
60 PSI of clean, dry, oil-free compressed air @.5 scfm per cycle


Variable speed PLC control panel
All cycle times programmable 120 VAC, single phase, 60 Hz Power on/off indicator


Integrated Potentiometer
Continuous conveying-speed control


Pick-up Lance
Aluminum, 4 feet


PVC flexible polymer hose
15 feet with integrated ground wire, 2 hose clamps included

Spare Parts

Part Information
14″ Flat Replacement Filter, #103279
Replacement Gasket, #101262
Replacement Dust Boot, #101324
Replacement Motor, 120V, #100058-1
Replacement Vibra-Pulse Bottle, #A100962
Replacement Vibra-Pulse Solenoid, 120V, #100273-3
Replacement Exhaust Silencer, #A103749

Accessories & Options

Coffee Whisper Loader Brochure

Our Coffee Whisper Loader Kit includes everything you need to get started in minutes:

Portable Feed Bin Hoppers
Transition Hoppers
Hopper Covers for loader integration
Adjustable pick-up lances

304 or 316 Stainless Steel-construction loader models available: #4 brushed finish or #8 mirror finishes available
Coffee Whisper Loader, 240V controls and motor
Saddle mounts, other mounting configurations also available
Grounded polymer flex-hose, various lengths available

SOF TECHNOLOGY™ Protects Your Beans At Every Stage

Spiral Open Flow, known as SOF Technology is Pneu-Con’s proprietary system that keeps your beans pristine and intact at every stage of the roasting process!

The external boxed inlet is designed to guide the beans in a glide pattern, adjacent to the loader wall, to minimize impact on your beans. The smooth, rounded shape of the interior loader wall creates a spiral pattern for the incoming beans – driven by air – to ensure gentle accumulation during the conveying process. The programmable dump valve gently delivers the beans to a roaster, hopper, grinder, or bagging station. And the speeds of the conveyance – and all interval cycles – can be fully programmed to meet your needs.

VIBRA PULSE Keeps Your Process Clean & Running At 100%

Our innovative Vibra Pulse system intermittently sends a blast of compressed air through the loader to clean your filter and keep your suction at full strength!

coffee conveying equipment

Simply connect your compressed air into our Vibra Pulse canister system and you’re ready to go. It installs in about a minute. This targeted, internal blast of air keeps your Whisper Loader and its integrated filter clean. This also extends the life of your filters. Perhaps most importantly, it keeps your Coffee Whisper Loader’s suction at or near 100% of its optimal efficiency. The interval for this filter cleaning air comes standard for coffee roasting operations, but it is fully programmable.

HOW IT WORKS Optimize Your Coffee Roasting Process With Pneu-Con

Effortlessly move your green beans to your roaster and/or your roasted beans to the grinder or bag filling station.
Greatly increase efficiency, keep you product pristine, and protect the well-being of your team!

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