Coffee Whisper Loader Kit

Coffee Whisper Loaders are self-contained vacuum conveying systems that transfer beans (green and/or roasted) and grinds via pneumatic conveyance. Using only air, it is a much more sanitary means of conveyance than other methods. Designed with the fragile nature of coffee beans in mind, the Coffee Loader incorporates Pneu-Con’s proprietary Spiral Open Flow (SOF) TechnologyTM that ensures gentle conveyance of product, nearly eliminating breakage.

Used in any phase of the coffee production process — roasting, whole-bean packaging, grinding, grounds packaging– Coffee Whisper Loader systems can be configured based on any process. This is an automatic completely plug and play system that increases efficiency with low maintenance and easy adaptability, optimized for scaling from small single line operations to the largest plant.

The Coffee Whisper Loader has a 100% seal-welded body in aluminum or stainless steel with smooth internal finish, boxed-tangential inlet, material level control for receiving hopper, mounting flange, and 6″ discharge spout.

Each standard kit includes:

  • Coffee Whisper Loader with integrated vacuum pump, made of high-grade aluminum
  • 48” aluminum pick-up lance
  • Variable Speed Control panel
  • 20′ of grounded polymer flex-hose


Includes aluminum Coffee Whisper Loader, variable speed control panel, pick-up lance, 15 ft of PVC flexible hose with integrated ground wire, and user documentation. Loader is equipped with Vibra-Pulse filter cleaning system(requires: 60 psi @.5 scfm per cycle), flat 14″ Diameter PTFE coated food-grade filter, high level hopper control, and special boxed tangential inlet to prevent material breakage. The coffee loader’s PLC controls (requires 120 VAC, single phase, 60 Hz) give you the ease of adjusting cycle times, filter cleaning times and conveying speed, all while displaying cycles and Indicating when power is ON. Simply connect supplied hose and pick-up wand to start conveying right away.

-Standard with 120V controls and motor, optional with 240V.
-304 Stainless Steel construction optional.
-#4 and #8 finishes options available upon request.
-SS Portable Feed Bin Hoppers available to improve efficiency further.
-Transition Hoppers and Hopper Covers available for easy loader integration.
-Various hose lengths and adjustable pick-up lances also available.

-14″ Flat Replacement Filter (p/n: 103279)
-Replacement Gasket (p/n: 101262)
-Replacement Dust Boot (p/n: 101324)
-Replacement Motor, 120V (p/n: 100058-1)
-Replacement Vibra-Pulse Solenoid, 120V (p/n: 100273-3)
-Replacement Exhaust Silencer (p/n: A103749)
-Replacement Pulse Bottle (p/n: A100962)

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