Pellet Whisper Loader Kit

Pneu-Con’s time-tested Pellet Whisper Loader™ allows loaders the flexibility to transfer pellets from a bag, super sac, flexible intermediate storage blender, extruder, or other process. Our superior air-powered pneumatic conveyors- with integrated vacuum motors- are sanitary and high quality.

Our proprietary, gentle SOF Technology™ (spiral open-flow tech) virtually eliminates pellet breakage, while the programmable flapper assembly completes the seamless hands-off product. The control panel can program all cycles in your process, including flapper activation, while the variable-speed potentiometer manages the overall flow rate of the product.

Pneu-Con’s best-in-class, aluminum-bodied Whisper loaders are lightweight and reliable. A stainless steel model is also available. Our American-made kits are in stock, installed in minutes, plug into standard outlets, and ship out in days.

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Technical Specs

Our Pellet Whisper Loader Kit includes everything you need to get started in minutes:

Pellet Whisper Loader
Model(s): SC-1250 & SC-1500
Material: 304 stainless steel, and aluminum option
Weight: Approx. 25 lbs (aluminum) and 50 lbs. (stainless steel)
Throughput: Moves (up to) 2000 lbs. per hour, depending on material
Filter: 14″ dia., PTFE-coated
60 PSI of clean, dry, oil-free compressed air @.5 scfm per cycle

Variable Speed PLC Control Panel
All cycle times programmable 120 VAC, single phase, 60 Hz Power on/off indicator

Integrated Potentiometer
Continuous conveying-speed control

Pick-up Lance
Aluminum & stainless steel, 4 feet

Polymer Hose
10 feet of flexible PVC for our 1250 Model and 15 to 25 foot range for our 1500 model. Both come with an integrated ground wire, 2 hose clamps included

Spare Parts

Part Information
-14″ Flat Replacement Filter (p/n: 103279)
-Replacement Gasket (p/n: 101262)
-Replacement Motor, 120V (p/n: 100058-1)
-Replacement Exhaust Silencer (p/n: A103749)

Accessories & Options

Our Pellet Whisper Loader Kit includes everything you need to get started in minutes:

Portable Feed Bin Hoppers
Transition Hoppers
Hopper Covers for loader integration
Adjustable pick-up lances


304 or 316 Stainless Steel-construction loader models available: #4 brushed finish or #8 mirror finishes available
Pellet Whisper Loader, 240V controls and motor
Saddle mounts, other mounting configurations also available
Grounded polymer flex-hose, various lengths available

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