Pellet Whisper Loader Kit

Designed to be simple, efficient, and economical, Pneu-Con’s Pellet Whisper Loaders give you the flexibility to transfer pellets from a bag, super sac, or flexible intermediate storage blenders, extruders, or other processes. These systems are highly flexible, fully assembled and ready for immediate use. Start with a few stations, then add stations and optional equipment to economically scale upward as your needs change and demand grows. 

Our SC1250 and SC1500 have the been the standard loader for injection molding companies and plastics manufacturers for over 30-years.  They are tried and very proven, and built to last.

Each kit includes: 

  • Pellet Whisper Loader with integrated vacuum pump, made of high-grade aluminum 
  • 48” aluminum pick-up lance
  • Control panel
  • 20′ grounded polymer tubing
  • User documentation.


Includes loader, variable speed control panel, pick-up lance, and 15 ft of PVC flexible hose with integrated ground wire. Loader is equipped with high level hopper control and special boxed tangential inlet to prevent material breakage. The loader’s PLC controls (requires 120 VAC/single phase/60 Hz) give you the ease of adjusting cycle times, filter cleaning times and conveying speed, all while displaying cycles and Indicating when power is ON. Loaders can be modified to include different accessories such as Slide-Gate Valves, Airlock valves, Level Indicators, Scale Hopper, Fluidizers, Vibrators and more.

-Standard with 120V controls and motor, optional with 240V.
-304 SS, 316 SS, Aluminum, and Carbon Steel construction optional.
-#4 and #8 finishes options available upon request.
-SS Portable Feed Bin Hoppers available for easy product feeding .
-Transition Hoppers and Hopper Covers available for loader integration.
-Various hose lengths and adjustable pick-up lances also available.
-NEMA 1, 4x, 12 optional control panel enclosures.
-Can be configured for batching or continuous applications.
-Available with Special boxed tangential inlets, semi-tangential inlets, and wear resistant inlets.

-14″ Flat Replacement Filter (p/n: 103279)
-Replacement Gasket (p/n: 101262)
-Replacement Motor, 120V (p/n: 100058-1)
-Replacement Exhaust Silencer (p/n: A103749)

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