Self-Contained Vacuum Loaders

Self-contained vacuum loaders (Whisper Loaders) are vacuum conveying systems that operate automatically to maintain a constant material level in a hopper. Unlike central powered systems that are dependent on a remote blower package, our self-contained vacuum loaders incorporate a durable brush-type motor to pull material through the system. Each self-contained system operates on a batch principle, using an adjustable timer for conveying, and with a proximity, switch to initiate the process. Designed for simple “plug-and-play” installation, Pneu-Con’s self-contained vacuum loaders are equally suitable for a single “up and in ” installation or for complex multi-node operations, and all complexities of operations.


Loaders can be modified to include different accessories such as Slide-Gate Valves, Airlock valves, Level Indicators, Scale Hopper, Fluidizers, Vibrators and more.

There aren't currently any additional variants for this product

-Replacement Flat Filter, 14″ (p/n: 103279)
-Replacement FIlter Cartridge,12″ (p/n:101266)
-Replacement Tubesheet, AL, SS (101172, 101172-1)
-Replacement Gasket (p/n: 101262)
-Replacement Dust Boot (p/n: 101324)
-Replacement Motor, 120V (p/n: 100058-1)
-Replacement Vibra-Pulse Solenoid, 120V (p/n: 100273-3)

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