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Gasket – Food Grade

-EPDM food-grade replacement gasket for Pneu-con loaders and...
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Gasket – General Purpose

-General Purpose gaskets for any type of sealing application...
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Hard Tubing

-General purpose welded tubing available in various line siz...
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Pellet / Powder Receivers

Pneu-Con Pellet / Powder receivers are an integral part of a...
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Pick-up lance

Pick-Up Lance

Pick-up lances give factory operators the flexibility of dis...
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PLC Upgrades

Loaders built before 2006 contained control boards instead o...
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Portable Feed Bin Hoppers

Pneu-con Portable Feed Bin Hoppers are the perfect solution ...
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Receiver & Loader Replacement Lids

Replacement lids for Loaders and Receivers can be made for a...
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replacement motor

Replacement Motors

Our Loader motors can be replaced.  Pneu-con offers the abi...
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Retrofit Kits for Loaders

Loaders built before 2018 have motors that have become obsol...
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Top Mounted Filters

Cartridge filters with PTFE (Teflon) film-laminated media, H...
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Muffler Kit

Vacuum Whisper Loader Muffler Kit

The Muffler Kit is installed directly onto the 6M & 8M m...
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