KEDS™ System

Pneu-Con KEDS™ System

Kinetic Energy Dissipation System to prevent product damage and wear at terminal receiver

When dry bulk material is transferred using conventional pneumatic conveying systems, whether it is a vacuum conveying system or a pressure conveying system, common issues can occur at the terminal receiver. These issues may include:

  • Terminal receiver impact damage to conveyed product
  • Rapid or excess wear at the terminal receiver
  • Friction-related build up in the receiver

Conventional pneumatic conveying systems involves moving dry bulk material at high velocities. As dry bulk product reaches the terminal receiver, it is suddenly halted - often resulting in damage to the product or to the pneumatic conveying system components.

prevent product damage

Avoid Impact Damage to Conveyed Product

Solution: KEDS™ System

Add a Pneu-Con's KEDS™ solution to your Central Powered Pneumatic Conveying System to prevent bulk material product damage and protect your pneumatic conveying equipment from excess wear at the terminal receiver.

Slowed Velocity at Terminal Receiver

The operating principle of a KEDS™ is to introduce an inert or counter-flow air stream into the conveying line - slowly reducing conveying velocity to near standstill where the product can free-fall softly into the Terminal Receiver.

System Start-Up Mode

Conveying System Start-Up Mode

KEDS™ System Mode

Conveying System KEDS Mode

Stand-Alone or add to Pneumatic Conveying System

KEDS™ can be delivered as a stand-alone system, or it can be incorporated into your existing pneumatic conveying system, replacing terminal-point stations. KEDS™ is suitable for vacuum conveying systems, as well as pressure conveying systems.

KEDS™ Kinetic Energy Dissipation System
(US Patent No: 6,639,833)

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