KEDS™ System

Pneu-Con KEDS™ System

Kinetic Energy Dissipation System


Certain problems can occur when dry bulk material is conveyed using conventional pneumatic conveying systems (either vacuum or pressure):

  • Terminal receiver impact damage to conveyed product
  • Rapid or excess wear at the terminal receiver
  • Friction-related build up in the receiver

Conventional conveying systems involves dry bulk material traveling at high velocities. As dry bulk product reaches the terminal receiver, it is suddenly halted - often resulting in damage to the product or to the conveying system components.


Incorporate a Pneu-Con’s KEDS™ solution into your Central Powered System to prevent dry bulk product and conveying equipment damage at the terminal receiver.

Slow Velocity at Terminal Receiver

The operating principle of a KEDS™ is to introduce an inert or counter-flow air stream into the conveying line - reducing conveying velocity slowly to near standstill where product can free-fall softly into the Terminal Receiver.

Incorporated or stand-alone

KEDS™ can be delivered as a stand-alone system or can be incorporated into your existing pneumatic conveying system, replacing terminal-point stations.

KEDS™ is Pneu-Con’s Kinetic Energy Dissipation System
(US Patent No: 6,639,833)

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