Blower Packages

Pneu-Con Blowers

Reliable & Flexible

Pneu-Con's Positive Displacement Blower Packages combine the most efficient air source available with low maintenance. Blower Packages manufactured by Pneu-Con are belt-driven for more reliability & flexibility.

Available for vacuum and pressure systems, Pneu-Con Blower Packages are individually designed to maintain the proper cubic-feet-per-minute of air flow for conveying a specific material. We analyze and model every application on our computers to assist us in recommending the correct power source.

Each Blower Package includes:

  • Positive Displacement Blower
  • Silencer and Flex Connectors
  • Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valve
  • Pressure or Vacuum Gauge
  • Totally Enclosed, Fan-Cooled Motor (TEFC)
  • Motor Mount with Belt Adjustment
  • Fabricated Frame
  • Blower Protection Filter
  • Drive Belts, Sheaves and Guard
  • Optional Sound Pane

All of Pneu-Con's Blower Packages include Blower Protection Filters. We offer Static Filters or optional Self-Cleaning Central Filters. Filter sizes are determined by cubic-feet-per-minute of conveying air and the type of receivers used.

Blower Packages

Consult Pneu-Con for available options.

Pneu-Con manufactures a complete line of Central Powered Conveying Systems, Whisper® Loader Self-Contained Systems, Blower Packages, Bag Dump Stations, Day Bins, Silos, Volumetric/Gravimetric Blenders, Tilt Stations (Drum & Gaylord), Powder Loaders, Powder Receivers, Bulk Bag Racks, Vertical Mixers, Weigh Hoppers/Batchers, Rotary Airlocks. Railcar Unload / Pull-Pack Systems, Just-In-Time Loaders & Fines Separators.

Blower Protection Filters

Pneu-Con offers two types of Blower Protection Filters: Static Filters and Self-Cleaning Central Filters.

self cleaning blower protection filter

Self-Cleaning Central Filters

Self-Cleaning “Central Filters” are used when receivers do not include primary filtration, or when conveyed material is hazardous if escaped from the system. Central Filters include automatic pulse filter cartridge cleaning, self dumping receiver, standard wall or floor frame mounting bracket, and dust retainer skirt.

Static Blower Protection Filters

Static Filters

Static blower protection filters are used when primary filtration is incorporated into each powder receiver. Static filters are furnished with 1 to 3 filters. Standard filter enclosures are constructed from aluminum, with an easy-open cover for quick removal and replacement.

Vacuum Breaker Valve

Vacuum Breaker Valve

Vacuum Breaker Valves permit automatic switching from vacuum (conveying mode) to atmospheric air. This enables the blower to run continuously, preventing it from having to start and stop at the end of every conveying cycle. Pneu-Con's Vacuum Breaker Valves are solenoid controlled and pneumatically operated.

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