Central-Powered Conveying Systems

Central-Powered Conveying Systems

Pneu-Con Central-Powered Vacuum Conveying Systems (CP) are a complete vacuum conveying system.

Central-Powered Vacuum Conveying Systems are typically comprised of a few basic components, but may include a multitude of specialized items to handle various processes and materials. From a basic single-station system to a complex multiple-station system with 150-Stations or more, Pneu-Con can provide you with a complete CP Vacuum Conveying System designed to your requirements.

From Simple to Complex Systems

Central-Powered Vacuum Conveying Systems can be as simple as systems “powered” from a single source Blower Package, or by multiple dedicated Blower Packages for large systems. Central-Powered Systems can be expanded to accommodate growing production requirements with many options available to handle your specific conveying needs.

Central-Powered Vacuum Conveying Systems consist of four (4) major components:

  1. Centrally located Vacuum-based or Pressure-based Blower Package
  2. Air & Material Conveying Lines
  3. Material Loaders, Receivers, and/or Surge Hoppers
  4. Main Control Panel

Contact Pneu-Con to discuss how we can provide you with a Central-Powered Vacuum Conveying System expansion, system upgrade, or to establish a maintenance program.

Bag Dump Stations

Consult Pneu-Con for available options.

Pneu-Con manufactures a complete line of Central Powered Conveying Systems, Whisper® Loader Self-Contained Systems, Blower Packages, Bag Dump Stations, Day Bins, Silos, Volumetric/Gravimetric Blenders, Tilt Stations (Drum & Gaylord), Powder Loaders, Powder Receivers, Bulk Bag Racks, Vertical Mixers, Weigh Hoppers/Batchers, Rotary Airlocks. Railcar Unload / Pull-Pack Systems, Just-In-Time Loaders & Fines Separators.

Professional Installation including electrical power and compressed-air lines can be provided.

Blower Packages & System Options / Enhancements

Blower Packages

The heart of a Central-Powered Vacuum Conveying System is the Blower Package (power source). Systems can be configured for either:

  • Vacuum (Product is “pulled” from the furthest point towards Blower) or
  • Pressure (Product is “pushed” from the Blower to the furthest conveying point) operation.

Larger systems with multiple material sources may require dedicated Blowers to facilitate proper flow and/or enable material segregation.

Silo loading and unloading systems will have a dedicated Blower Package to “push” or “pull” material from rail cars or bulk trucks to one or more silos. Secondary blower packages (part of a CP System) will then transfer product from the Silo Take-Off Box to designated Receivers within the plant.

Blower Package

System Options & Enhancements

A Blower Package coupled with a Receiver provides a simple “Up & Over” system for merely transferring product from point A to Point B. Add a few Receivers and ancillary equipment and you can now dispense to several process-specific stations.

Central Powered Conveying Systems can be supplied with a Main System-Control Panel and/or auxiliary panels including Motor Disconnect Panel(s), Silo and/or Station-select Panels, or Alarm Panels. These Panels require field wiring to integrate with all stations.

CP Systems operate on a BATCH principle. The duration of independently adjusted timers control the conveying and dump cycles for each station within the system.

A full range of equipment is available to enhance your Central-Powered Vacuum Conveying System to perform many discrete operations and sub-operations within the material-process flow.

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