Coffee Conveying Systems

Complete Coffee Line Systems

Self-Contained Whisper® Loaders Afford Ease of Operation

Pneu-Con’s proven Self-contained Whisper® Loader line, coupled with ancillary equipment, offers you a complete coffee conveying system that affords ease of operation, and low maintenance, reducing the cost of producing your finished product.

Pneu-Con Coffee Whisper Loaders are Self-Contained vacuum conveying systems that let you transfer ‘green’ coffee beans from a bag, super sack or box to a roaster, then to a whole-bean packaging station, or to a grinder, then to a grounds packaging station..

Features & Options:

  • Standard vacuum source is a durable, long-life brush-type motor. Standard voltage 120VAC/10/60Hz (240VAC optional). Tangential discharge (exhaust-air silencer kit is optional).
  • 100% seal-welded body in aluminum or stainless steel with smooth internal finish, boxed-tangential material inlet, material-level control for receiving / hopper. Mounting flange and 6”discharge spout.
  • Cover Assembly: Spun aluminum cover assembly with motor-mount tabs and integral air-blast pipe with Vibra-Pulse automatic filter-cleaning system (requires 0.5 SCFM @60 PSI of dry, filtered compressed air per cycle, air source not included).
  • Loader Filtration: Flat-Disc polyester felt filter with food-grade rubber gasket (seals cover to body). Optional filter media and types are available.
  • Control Panel: Pneu-Vue PLC-based Control Panel, NEMA 1 Hinged Enclosure. NEMA 4 or 12 available. Variable Speed Control option is available.
  • Material Pick-Up: Adjustable Aluminum Pick-up Lance & 15-ft flexible hose.
  • Fully Assembled and ready to use. Green bean coffee loader packages, conveying adapters, flow control valves and portable feed bin hoppers are available.
  • Loader housing and cover assembly - Optional type 304 stainless steel construction and special finishes are available.

Coffee Conveying Systems

One of the top features of the Coffee Whisper® Loader equipped with a brushless motor is the motor speed control. From the speed control dial on the Pneu-Vue panel, the operator can slow the motor speed when conveying fragile roasted coffee beans, or increase speed to transfer heavier green beans, or ground coffee.

Consult Pneu-Con for available options.

Pneu-Con manufactures a complete line of Central Powered Conveying Systems, Whisper® Loader Self-Contained Systems, Blower Packages, Bag Dump Stations, Day Bins, Silos, Volumetric/Gravimetric Blenders, Tilt Stations (Drum & Gaylord), Powder Loaders, Powder Receivers, Bulk Bag Racks, Vertical Mixers, Weigh Hoppers/Batchers, Rotary Airlocks. Railcar Unload / Pull-Pack Systems, Just-In-Time Loaders & Fines Separators.

Conveying Flexibility

coffee flow diagram

Transfer ‘green’ coffee beans from a bag/super sack/box to a roaster, then to a whole bean packaging station, or from a roaster to a grinder, then to a grounds packaging station.

Green-Bean Loader

green bean loader

The Pneu-Con Coffee line has been enhanced to include a simple “Green-Bean” Loader to enable processors to safely handle green coffee beans.

Portable Hopper

portable hopper

Portable Feed Bin Hoppers are optionally available for your Coffee Conveying System. Conveying adapters and flow control valves are also available.

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