System Controls

System Controls

MicroProcessor & PLC-Based Controls

Pneu-Con offers a complete line of Microprocessor and PLC-based controls to meet the requirements of virtually any dry bulk material conveying system. NEMA 1, 4 or 12 (dust-tight) rated enclosures and hinged panel enclosures are available either as standard or optional, depending on the system installed and environmental requirements.

PLC Controls

Ideal for smaller conveying systems with less than three material destinations, PLC controls can control a single blower and central filter, as well as monitor for high-level conditions in receiving hopper(s). PLC Controls can also manage the operation of proportional receivers and allow for 'on-line' pulsing of filter cartridges in powder receivers.

Microprocessor Controls

Microprocessor Control Panels can manage multiple tasks including:

Conveying - governs all system functions, includng multiple blower operation, central filter operation, receiver's vacuum control valve, receiving hopper(s) high level control, optional proportioning loader control and filter pulsing - all from a single, central location.

Scaling - includes Pneu-Con's gravimetric blender control, feeder control, and recipe storage. Can activate scale hopper's filling and discharge. Some models can record material usage for scaling and blending functions - reporting material used per shift, per day, or per week.

Flexibility - connects all microprocessor controls to a PC or Local Area Network (LAN) through the CAN port, enabling off-site system operation monitoring along with the ability to change recipes from a remote site.

Pneu-Con manufactures a complete line of Central Powered Conveying Systems, Whisper® Loader Self-Contained Systems, Blower Packages, Bag Dump Stations, Day Bins, Silos, Volumetric/Gravimetric Blenders, Tilt Stations (Drum & Gaylord), Powder Loaders, Powder Receivers, Bulk Bag Racks, Vertical Mixers, Weigh Hoppers/Batchers, Rotary Airlocks. Railcar Unload / Pull-Pack Systems, Just-In-Time Loaders & Fines Separators.

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