Whisper Loaders

Pneu-Con Whisper Loaders

Self-Contained Vacuum Loader Conveying Systems

Whisper Loader is a stand-alone vacuum loader conveying system with easy operation, low maintenance and easy cleaning.

Pneu-Con's Whisper Loaders are self-contained vacuum loader conveying systems which operate automatically to maintain a constant material level in day bins or a receiving hopper, which can be located above injection, extrusion or blow molding machines. Each self-contained Whisper Loader vacuum loader operates on a batch principle. The control panel is equipped with a PLC-type controller module with adjustable (programmable) timer functions to control all timer-related loader functions. The duration of the conveying (run-time) and dump cycle (dump-time) can be adjusted to suit the application using the controller settings.

Whisper Loader

Whisper Loader package with control panel

Whisper Loader Vacuum Loader Packages

Standard Whisper Loader packages include a vacuum loader with a standard brush-type integrated motor/turbine, material pick-up lance (sized to match line size of loader inlet), 10-ft or 20-ft length of clear PVC flexible hose (sized to match, depending on model) with a pair of hose clamps and control panel.

As an option, Whisper Loaders can be supplied with a Vibra-Pulse filter cleaning system to automatically clean the filter following each conveying cycle. With 0.25 to 4.25 cubic ft. capacities, Whisper Loader vacuum loaders can be fitted for gravimetric applications. Adding a high-level probe and slide gate will allow you to refill material with a signal from a feeder.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Operates as a self-contained, stand-alone vacuum loader conveying system.
  • Vacuum loaders are spun and welded aluminum body - standard.
  • NEMA 1 control panel, energy-efficient solid state PLC controller, adjustable timers, built-in circuit breaker.
  • Automatic conveying for a wide range of materials and conditions.
  • High-level control of process hopper using a proximity switch.
  • Consistent loading of machines, hoppers or day bins.
  • 120 volt power, pre-wired with power cords.
  • Take-apart design with tool-less lid removal for easy cleaning & filter maintenance.

Vacuum loader Options:

  • Available in Pellet, Vibra-Pulse or Powder loader orientation.
  • Optionally available in carbon steel, 304 or 316 stainless steel.
  • 120 or 240 volt power.
  • NEMA 12, 4 and 4X hinged enclosures.
  • Variable speed controller.
  • Flanged discharge for batch/gravimetric applications.
  • Proportional loading of two (2) products with Interblend.
  • Sound attenuation cone, (standard on SC1500 and SC1750 models)

Whisper Loader Base Models

WIth so many features and benefits offered in our standard Whisper Loader vacuum loader conveying system package, and numerous optional enhancements available, the best way to determine which package is suited to your dry bulk material application is to contact the Pneu-Con sales team.


Whisper Loader SC1250


Whisper Loader SC1500


Whisper Loader SC1750


Whisper Loader SC2000


Whisper Loader SC2500

Whisper Loader Options

Sound Hood

Sound Hood


variable speed control


Vibra Pulse

Filter Media

filter media options

Portable Hopper

portable hopper

Proportional Loading with Interblend

Proportional loaders allow for the alternate conveying of two (2) different materials. Interblend is a static internal blender used to prevent layering in a proportioning loader.

To learn how a proportional loader with interblend can benefit your material blending process, please contact us.

proportional loading with interblend

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