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No matter how complex your project, or what you need to handle, Pneu-Con can pinpoint and solve your most challenging dry bulk and powder handling needs through custom-designed pneumatic conveying systems that are the perfect fit for your organization.


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Market Scope & Concept

Pneu-Con is the preferred one-stop resource for pneumatic conveying systems and solutions for the food, grain, coffee, chemical, pharmaceutical and plastics industries.

Design & Engineering

Pneu-Con’s dry bulk material expertise allows us to smart-engineer pneumatic conveying systems for dry bulk and powder applications for the unique specifications of each customer.

Startup & Service

Every Pneu-Con customer that purchases our pneumatic conveying equipment for handling dry bulk material ultimately needs to have it installed. We offer a coordinated and guided service that ensures a smooth installation process.

Warranty & parts

Maintaining your conveying system is a cost-effective way to maximize uptime and keep it operating smoothly and moving dry material for years to come. Pneu-Con offers a wide variety of replacement parts to help guarantee best performance.

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Test Lab

Testing material in a conveying test lab can go a long way to supporting the decision-making process when exploring an investment in a new or upgraded dry bulk material conveying system.


Pneu-Con has decades of experience designing and engineering pneumatic conveying systems to solve dry bulk material handling challenges in a broad range of industry applications for a wide variety of materials and powders.

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