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Pneumatic Conveying system Replacement parts

Parts and accessories for Pneu-Con's systems

Pneu-Con's pneumatic conveying systems and components are designed and manufactured to last. We routinely service systems and equipment for returning customers that we manufactured 25-30 years ago. Most of the time, this service is done to retrofit, adapt or modernize older dry material conveying systems to meet new customer needs.

While Pneu-Con's pneumatic conveying equipment is built to last, each conveying system requires periodic replacement of filters, as well as replacement and upgrades of parts and components within the system. Maintaining your conveying system is a cost-effective way to maximize uptime and keep it operating smoothly and moving dry material for years to come.

filter media

Maintain your Pneumatic conveying system for best performance

To help customers keep their Pneu-Con systems performing at their very best, we carry a full line of replacement parts, filters, accessories and other items.

Pneumatic Conveying System Parts & Accessories

Below are a selection of components, parts and accessories available from Pneu-Con. Many of these parts are in stock, ready for immediate shipment. Our parts department may also be able to help you locate hard-to-find parts. Give us a call at 1(800)655-4481 and ask for the parts department to check availability, place a parts order, get a price quote, and to learn delivery options.

Central-Powered Conveying System Replacement & Spare Parts list (pdf)

Pressure & Vacuum Blower Package Accessories

Air Filter Cartridges

Air Filter w/Regulators

Blowers (Positive-displacement Air)

Check Valve (In-line)

Drive Belts, Sheaves & Bushings

Intake Air Filters


Pressure & Vacuum Gauges

Pressure & Vacuum Relief Valves

Silencer (Exhaust & Intake)

Receiver & Hopper Accessories

Body-to-Cover Gaskets

Flange Gaskets & Dust Boots

Fluidizer Pads (Discharge Cone)

Pleated Cartridge Filters (Stud-mounted and Bottom-Load type)

Pneumatic Vibrators (Discharge Cone)

Level Indicators & Sensors

Vibra-Pulse Valves/Solenoids & Bottles

Conveying Lines & Accessories (Tube & Pipe)

Compression Couplings

Flex Hose & Clamps

Hose Shank Fittings (Standard & Sanitary)

Tube & Pipe


Sweeps & Elbows (90° & 45°)

TEE Fittings

Silo & Storage Tank Accessories

Bin-Vents & Dust Collectors

Discharge Fluidizer Pads

Fill-Line Systems (Railcar & Truck)

Level Indicators & Sensors

OEM Equipment & Accessories

Diverter WYE Valves

Orifice Gate Valves

Rotary Airlock Valves


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