Coffee Conveying

Coffee Conveying Systems

Vacuum Conveying Systems for moving coffee Beans

Are you still scooping and transferring coffee beans by hand during roasting, cooling, grinding and packaging? Do you need a way to protect fragile coffee beans from damage during processing?

Pneu-Con's Coffee Conveying System is the ideal solution for coffee bean processing. From green beans to roasted beans to grounds, our coffee conveying system solves many common challenges faced by coffee roasters and bulk coffee producers.

Coffee beans in bags

Coffee Conveying Systems

Protect Beans, Reduce costs

Ready to use coffee conveying system

Pneu-Con's Coffee Conveying System has our unique Whisper Loader at it's core. Whisper Loader is a self-contained vacuum conveying system. By enhancing Whisper Loader with additional components and options specifically engineered for processing coffee, our Coffee Conveying System is the perfect solution for efficiently moving and protecting coffee beans during processing.

  • Fully assembled and ready to use
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Low system maintenance

Key Features

  • Standard vacuum source is a durable, long-life brush-type motor. Tangential discharge.
  • Standard voltage 120VAC/10/60Hz.
  • 100% seal-welded body, in aluminum or stainless steel with smooth internal finish, boxed-tangential material inlet, material-level control for receiving / hopper.
  • Mounting flange and 6”discharge spout.
  • Spun aluminum cover assembly with motor-mount tabs and integral air-blast pipe with Vibra-Pulse automatic filter-cleaning system (requires 0.5 SCFM @60 PSI of dry, filtered compressed air per cycle - air source not included).
  • Flat-Disc polyester felt filter with food-grade rubber gasket (seals cover to body).
  • Pneu-Vue PLC-based Control Panel, NEMA 1 Hinged Enclosure.
  • Material Pick-Up: Adjustable Aluminum Pick-up Lance & 15-ft flexible hose.


  • Optional voltage 240VAC.
  • Exhaust-air silencer kit is available.
  • 304 stainless steel construction and special finishes are available.
  • Optional filter media and filter types are available.
  • Control Panels with NEMA 4 or 12 are available.
  • Control panel with variable speed control is available.
  • Green bean coffee loader packages are available.
  • Conveying adapters and flow control valves are available.
  • Portable feed bin hoppers are available.

coffee flow diagram

Coffee Conveying system

Efficiently Process Coffee

Transfer ‘green’ coffee beans from a bag/super sack/box to a roaster, then to a whole bean packaging station, or from a roaster to a grinder, then to a grounds packaging station.

Stop Scooping Coffee Beans by Hand

Scooping green coffee beans from a bulk bag into a roaster, transferring roasted beans to a cooling bin, then transferring again into a grinder and/or packaging bags of whole roasted coffee beans, is inefficient. Manual labor can limit daily production volume and risks damage to the coffee beans. The result is a lower quality coffee product with high production costs.

Pneu-Con's Coffee Conveying System solves these issues. Our Coffee Whisper Loaders let you transfer green coffee beans from a bag, super sack or box to a coffee roaster, then from the roaster to a whole-bean packaging station or to a grinder, then to a packaging station.

hand full of coffee beans and grounds

Speed Control

green bean loader

A variable speed control dial on the control panel slows motor speed for conveying roasted coffee beans, or increases speed for green beans and grounds.

Green-Bean Loader

green bean loader

Pneu-Con's Coffee Conveying System is enhanced with the addition of an innovative green coffee bean loader, for safer handling of green coffee beans.

Portable Hopper

portable hopper

Portable feed bin hoppers are available as an option for Pneu-Con's Coffee Conveying System. Conveying adapters and flow control valves are also available.


green bean loader

Automatic filter cleaning system built into cover assembly. Halting compressed air flow and flexing filter media causes particles to drop from pleats into a hopper.

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