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Solutions for processing dry dairy products

Dry dairy products have unique characteristics which challenge dairy processing plants to find ways of moving dairy material through production lines in a way that maintains product quality while complying with regulations for sanitation and avoiding contamination. From powdered milk and baby formula to whey or casein powder products, dairy product processing operations commonly need ways to solve issues with sanitation, product quality control, dust containment, batching, blending and material flow.

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Pneumatic conveying for dairy

Pneumatic conveying systems have become the best choice for dry dairy product processing because they are superior at moving sticky, lightweight and fluffy powders, and are easier and less expensive to clean than mechanical systems.

With decades of experience solving issues for dairy product plants, Pneu-Con is exceptionally qualified to help customers solve issues by engineering pneumatic conveying systems that ensure dry dairy product quality control and sanitation.

Knowledge & expertise

Dairy plants require sanitary production environments. Powdered milk, whey, casein and baby formula are often batched or blended. Designing solutions for handling dry dairy requires specialized knowledge and expertise to solve contamination and quality issues.

Contact Pneu-Con to evaluate your dairy material, processes, and plant. We can identify the best method of moving your dry dairy product and design a custom pneumatic conveying system that fits your specific requirements.

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