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Dry bulk food pneumatic Conveying systems & Equipment

Food production is one of the largest, most varied and important industries in the world. Whether you work with sugar, flour, salt, nuts, oats, grains, granola, rice, spices, seasonings, toppings, coatings, cereal, coffee, tea, powdered milk or proteins, or even pet food, Pneu-Con is your best source for sanitary food-grade pneumatic conveying equipment and experience-based engineered solutions for any type of dry food or dry ingredient processing challenge you face.

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Dry food ingredient expertise

We understand sticky, powdery, flaky, granular, chunky, and delicate materials

Pneu-Con's ability to engineer pneumatic conveying systems for the broadest range of dry food materials is unique in the industry. Gained through decades of engineering dry bulk handling solutions for some of the largest food and snack companies in the world, Pneu-Con has amassed a vast amount of dry material engineering knowledge and expertise. Our food conveying system design and manufacturing experience makes us the preferred resource to solve issues, and consult on best-in-class methods of moving dry food, snacks and food ingredients.

Weighing & blending dry ingredients

Many dry packaged foods and snacks involve the weighing and blending of ingredients. Dry ingredients from multiple sources can be transferred as single or multiple materials to one or more weigh hoppers with pre-programmed batch sizes for accurate and reliable dry food ingredient delivery. Blenders may be added to the processing line to combine ingredients for transfer to additional processes, or to a packaging station as finished product.

Accuracy is critical when weighing and blending dry food ingredients based on a recipe. Pneu-Con offers complete pneumatic conveying systems for dry, packaged and snack food processing with equipment options for accurate weighing and blending of dry ingredients. Get more information

conveying granola

conveying coffee beans

Specialty Food markets

Within the food industry are specialty food processors who focus on a single type of food product. Specialty foods may have unique characteristics that must be considered when evaluating a handling process and designing a conveying system to move dry food material from source to destination. Examples of specialty applications include coffee conveying, and grain conveying.

Pneu-Con engineer solutions for any type of specialty dry bulk food application, and dry food material. With conveying systems designed specifically for coffee, grains and other specialties, contact us to discover solutions that meet the unique needs of your particular application.

We've got the food ingredient conveying solutions you need

Pneu-Con's pneumatic conveying systems are the perfect solution for dry food ingredient handling using food-grade equipment which protects materials during processing. Hygienic and easy to clean, our pneumatic conveying systems protect product from damage and loss during processing.

From sourcing and transfer of dry ingredients to automated batch weighing and blending options, we've got the solutions you need to solve dry food and ingredient handling challenges.

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