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Grain Conveying Systems

Featuring Pneu-Con's Self-Contained Whisper Loader

Pneu-Con’s Grain Conveying Systems, featuring Pneu-Con’s proven self-contained Whisper Loader, offer the ultimate solution in reliability and flexibility for dry bulk grain handling.

Our Grain Conveying Systems can handle a wide variety of dry bulk grains including barley, malt, and wheat. These systems are flexible, offering you the ability to start with a few stations, then add stations and optional equipment on-demand, to economically scale upward as demand grows.

Grain Conveying Self-Contained Systems

Vacuum Grain Conveying Systems

Pneu-Con Grain Whisper Loaders are self-contained vacuum conveying systems - designed to be simple, efficient and economical - that automatically maintain a constant material level in day bins or receiving hoppers. Self-contained grain whisper loaders are fully assembled and ready for immediate use.

Grain Conveying Self-Contained Systems

Key Features & Options

  • Feed rates from 50 – 3000 pounds per hour.
  • Available in aluminum, carbon and stainless steel with 120 or 240 voltages.
  • Special inlet, sanitary, and abrasion-resistant options are available.
  • 60° Cone design, Mounting Flange and Discharge Valve.
  • Diaphragm action - flat filter
  • Vibra-Pulse™ Automatic Filter-cleaning System consumes 0.5 SCFM @60 PSI of dry, filtered compressed air for each cycle. (Compressed air source not included)
  • Standard Vacuum source is an economical and durable Brush-type Motor. Standard voltage is 120VAC/1Ø/60Hz or 240VAC optional.
  • Pneu-Vue PLC-based Control Panel, NEMA 1 Hinged Enclosure. NEMA 12 & 4XSS available.
  • Adjustable Pick-up Lance and grounded flexible hose.

Vacuum Brewery Conveying System

Self-Contained Grain Whisper Loaders give you the flexibility to transfer grains from a bag, super sack, or box to the mill, then to the grist case and the mash tun/brew house.

  • Grain (Barley/Malt/Wheat) placed in Feed Bin Hopper
  • Feed Bin Hopper to Milling/Grinding Station
  • Milled product to Grist Case Loading Station
  • Grist Case Hopper to Hydrator and Mash Tun/Brew House

These systems are flexible, fully assembled and ready for your immediate use. Start with a few stations, then add stations and optional equipment as needed, to economically scale upward as your needs change and demand grows.

Contact Pneu-Con to discuss your specific Brewery Conveying System requirements. We can work with you to design and install an efficient and economical solution for your dry bulk grain handling needs.

Brewery Self-Contained Flow Diagram

Central-Powered Grain Conveying System

Simplicity is the key to Pneu-Con's Central-Powered Grain Conveying Systems. We offer the flexibility to design for your unique space configuration, enabling strategic process station placement including ‘turns’ and elevation ‘climbs’ and/or ‘drops’ as needed. Economical tubing and flexible hoses allow equipment to be installed as desired for the best fit possible into your building, and to accommodate process stream.

  • Vacuum Blower Package: 480VAC Vertical belt-drive motor/blower system (pump) with static filter and vacuum breaker valve.
  • Vacuum Control Valves: Multiple-station systems incorporate 2 and 3-port control valves to govern feed cycles for each station.
  • Vacuum Receiver(s): Receiver housing with Semi-TE (tangential entry) material inlet, self-dumping valve (for receiver hopper/bin level control), lid assembly with Vibra-Pulse system. Optional type 304 stainless steel construction, Mill-2B or special finishes available.
  • Control Panel: NEMA 12 hinged-panel enclosure with Allen-Bradley PanelView® Operator Terminal, MicroLogix TM PLC logic-relay controller, ON/OFF power switch and light. Controller types and other HMI interface options, as well as NEMA 4X (SS) enclosure optional.

Central Powered Systems

Options & Accessories

Contact us about available options and accessories for central-powered systems including portable hoppers, diverter valves, adapters, and scaling options such as scale hoppers, scale platforms, load cells and more.

Self-Cleaning Filters

self cleaning blower protection filter

Self-Cleaning “Central Filters” are used when receivers do not include primary filtration, or when material is hazardous if escaped from the system. Central Filters include automatic pulse filter cartridge cleaning, self dumping receiver, standard wall or floor frame mount bracket, dust retainer skirt. Choose 3, 4, or 7 pleated filter cartridges.

Portable Hoppers

self cleaning blower protection filter

Pneu-Con's Portable Hoppers are optionally available as an accessory for your Central-Powered Grain Conveying System. Other options and accessories are available including scale hoppers, scale platforms, load cells, and more.

Static Filters

Static Blower Protection Filters

Static Bower Protection Filters are used when the primary filtration is incorporated into each of the powder receivers. Static Protection Filters are furnished with one (1) to three (3) filters. Standard filter enclosures are constructed from aluminum, and feature an easy-open cover for quick filter removal and replacement.

Vacuum Breaker Valve

Vacuum Breaker Valve

Vacuum Breaker Valves permit automatic switching from vacuum (conveying mode) to atmospheric air. This enables the blower to run continuously, preventing it from having to start and stop at the end of every conveying cycle. Pneu-Con's Vacuum Breaker Valves are solenoid controlled and pneumatically operated.

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