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Nutritional product demand has surged due to a growing trend toward healthier lifestyles with a desire for health-focused nutrition and supplementation. This rise in demand within the nutritional product market brings a need for pneumatic conveying systems that enable nutritional food and supplement manufacturers to expand product lines and scale production to capture and gain share in this rapidly growing market segment.

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Health and sports-focused nutritional products represent a growing segment of the food industry. Nutrition products, such as powdered protein mix, consist of a blend of base protein powder, flavors, sweeteners, and additive ingredients such as vitamins and minerals. Powdered protein products require recipe and blending precision. Sensitive powders and ingredients must be carefully handled during processing to ensure uniformity and protect materials from contamination, degradation, separation, segregation and damage so the finished product retains its intended composition, quality and flavor.

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Nutritional products can include protein drink powders, protein bars, energy bars, fiber bars, meal replacement products including mixes and bars, vitamins, minerals, dietary supplements and herbal supplements. Considering the incredible variety of dry and powder ingredients that go into these different types of nutritional products, it takes dry bulk experts with knowledge of nutritional product materials, such as the engineering team at Pneu-Con, to design the most effective pneumatic conveying system to handle nutritional product processing.

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Knowledge & expertise

The pneumatic conveying system experts at Pneu-Con have curated a considerable volume of knowledge in the area of conveying nutrition product ingredients and are uniquely qualified to help you solve contamination, blending, segregation, separation and end-product quality issues. Whether you produce nutritional drink powders, protein bars, vitamins or herbal supplements, Pneu-Con has the powder and dry material expertise needed to design a custom pneumatic conveying system that is perfectly tailored to handle your specific application.

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