Pharmaceutical Conveying Solutions, dustless conveying

Dustless sanitary conveying of Powders,
APIs, Excipients & Finished product

Pharmaceutical applications involve the handling of dry materials such as tablets, granulations, and active ingredients. Active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) are commonly blended or finished with inactive or inert binders, disintegrants, fillers or diluents (excipients) such as magnesium stearate, calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate or titanium dioxide, to name a few. Pharmaceutical processing involves unique requirements that a pneumatic conveying system for pharmaceutical products must fulfill.

pills and tablets

broken medicine tablets

Safe & Sanitary handling

Vacuum conveying equipment and systems manufactured by Pneu-Con offer several advantages for pharmaceutical applications. Contact Pneu-Con to learn more

Sanitary equipment

Easy to clean

Dustless transfer

Operator safety

Product safety

Product protection

Our engineers solve issues

With decades of experience manufacturing systems to move pharma ingredients and poor-flow powders, Pneu-Con offers pneumatic conveying systems for the demanding requirements of pharmaceutical applications, including product containment, dustless transfer and sanitary equipment with easy cleanability. Our engineering team knows material characteristics and can engineer the best conveying solution for your pharmaceutical production operation.

calcium hydroxide powder

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