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Powder Conveying Systems

Handling powder has unique challenges

For dry bulk material applications which involve powders, many factors must be considered when designing a powder conveying system. An effective powder conveying system should maximize powder transfer while minimizing dust and escaped or lost powder material. This is where pneumatic conveying systems offer a distinct advantage over mechanical systems.

Powders can have a wide range of characteristics and particle sizes. These characteristics influence powder handling equipment design, and filtration options. For instance, light powders need spacious receivers so the powder material has ample room to exit the air stream.

bulk powder in bags

Samples of powders we handle

This is a partial list of powders our powder conveying systems are designed to handle. Call (800) 655-4481 and ask to speak to one of our powder handling system experts. With decades of experience engineering solutions for powders, we can solve virtually any powder challenge you might be having.






















tablets crushed into powder material

prevent product loss

Product loss from dispersion, clogging, or damage of material can occur during transfer of materials, especially powders. Preventing loss of valuable product is a challenge in applications involving fine or powdery material, such as in pharmaceutical industry applications.

Pneu-Con has extensive knowledge of powder and deep experience engineering solutions to mitigate damage and prevent product loss. No powder material is too challenging for our pneumatic conveying system experts. Contact us to speak to one of our powder experts for more information.

Vibra-Pulse™ Automatic Filter Cleaning System

Vibra-Pulse™ offers continuous automatic pulse-jet cleaning of our powder conveying systems. During a timed cycle a burst of compressed air (or pulse-jet) is directed down through the top of the filter cartridge element. This induces a clean air flow into the filters, setting up a pneumatic shock wave inside the element. The filtered air flow is momentarily halted, and the filter media is firmly flexed, causing accumulated dust particles to drop from between the pleats into a hopper.

Visit Powder Receivers and Powder Whisper Loaders or call (800) 655-4481 and ask for our sales team to learn about Pneu-Con's powder conveying system options.

Vibra-Pulse™ Filter Cleaning System

Powder Loaders

Powder loader

Self-contained powder loaders are designed for dust-free handling of fine and difficult powders.

Powder Receivers

Powder receivers

Pneu-Con's powder receivers offer dust-free handling of powders as part of a conveying system.

Cartridge Filters

Powder cartridge filters

Tube cartridge filters are available for Vibra-Pulse™ automatic filter cleaning system in many sizes.

Blower Packages

Blowers for powders

Pneu-Con's line of blower packages are designed to maintain proper air flow when moving powders.

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