Startup & Service

Pneumatic conveying system commission, startup and training tailored to your needs.

Expert commission, startup and training for Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Every Pneu-Con customer that purchases our pneumatic conveying equipment for handling dry bulk material ultimately needs to have it commissioned, started and have staff trained. Support for our pneumatic conveying systems and equipment have been part of our business model from the beginning. We take great pride in our ability to coordinate the startup of the pneumatic conveying systems we design, and equipment we manufacture.


Our startup & service approach

Over the last 40 years, we have successfully designed and commissioned bulk material conveying systems in some of the most demanding facilities, and for some of the most discerning customers, around the world.



Installations are not ‘one-size-fits-all’. We treat each pneumatic conveying system commission much like the dry bulk material handling products we build, using a custom approach. We tailor pneumatic conveying system startup services around the needs of the individual company and their plant location.



Some of our customers have their own crews and simply need guidance on how to optimize our bulk material handling products in their facility. Others want our assistance integrating different conveying equipment elements and components from varying manufacturers.

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Customers who lack resources, or those who prefer to engage experts to perform a pneumatic conveying system commison, trust us to coordinate the entire startup and training process from designing their new conveying equipment to full training of a complete bulk material handling solution.

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Pneu-con has a team of pneumatic conveying system experts that will work directly with customers to understand their commission, startup and training requirements. We can recommend an optimization that will best fit the needs of your facility, or commission a design.

System Startup Services

Pneu-Con’s startup services ensure successful pneumatic conveying system operation.

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    Expert System Startup

    Once Pneu-Con products have been purchased, delivered and installed in your facility, the final step is to start up the conveying system. System startup assistance is a useful and critical service that ensures all the different system components work together as designed.

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    Adjustments & Training

    Final adjustments to the product-to-conveying air ratio, timers, controls, and other system components are just a few of the common adjustments that we make during startup. This is also the best opportunity for us to train your personnel.

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    Successful Operation

    Having designed the conveying system to your specifications, we are uniquely qualified to be there on day one to ensure all the components work together correctly, ensure proper product flow, and verify that all specifications are met in the factory environment and are consistent with the original design and intent.

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