Health and sports-focused nutritional products, a growing segment in the food industry.

Protecting sensitive powders and ingredients

Nutritional product demand has surged due to a growing trend toward healthier lifestyles with a desire for health-focused nutrition and supplementation. This rise in demand within the nutritional product market brings a need for pneumatic conveying systems that enable nutritional food and supplement manufacturers to expand product lines and scale production to capture and gain share in this rapidly growing market segment.

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Key Features of this industry

Sensitive powders and ingredients must be carefully handled during processing to ensure uniformity and protect materials from contamination, degradation, separation, segregation and damage.

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    Body & Materials

    The systems are built with 304 or 316 stainless steel construction. A loss in material weight or gain in your weight batching.

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    Sanitary Designs

    Easy cleaning with toolless disassembly and reassembly, ensuring you can keep your machinery in excellent and sanitary condition.

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    If you want to add an extra touch to your system, high polish finishes are available on request.

Challenges and Solutions

The pneumatic conveying system experts at Pneu-Con have curated a considerable volume of knowledge in the area of conveying nutrition product ingredients and are uniquely qualified to help you solve your product quality issues.


Portability requirements

Product movement can be dangerous and tedious. We offer portable feed bin hoppers that allow you to move your products safely and efficiently.


Fragile Products

Our products use speed control as well as a boxed inlet system that helps deduce impact and prevent a breakdown of the materials.


Limited Floor Space

Not every factory has the same amount of space. Our systems are built to work in compact layouts with specially placed side access filters for convenience.


Dust control

Our systems are equipped with primary and secondary filtration systems, and built with high efficiency PTFE filter media that ensure a dust-free environment.

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