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Testing material in a conveying test lab can go a long way.

Pneumatic conveying test lab

For more than 100 years, pneumatic conveying has been in the forefront of the dry bulk material handling industry as a proven, sanitary and cost-effective solution for moving dry bulk and powder material. Pneumatic conveying is a highly effective conveying method for moving granules, pellets, flakes, fine powders and other dry materials that are spherical, corrosive, abrasive, oily, sticky fluidizable, or free-flowing.


Benefits of testing equipment

When weighing the pros and cons of conveying methods, it can be beneficial to test your dry material in a pneumatic conveying lab.

  • safety


    Testing material in Pneu-Con's in-house test lab can demonstrate the suitability of pneumatic conveying for a specific application.

  • statistics


    Gives you the opportunity to observe and verify our pneumatic conveying system's performance.

  • control-panel


    Our test lab is well-equipped and fitted with a variety of configurations for testing vacuum or pressure conveying, and has a control system to log performance data.

  • packaging


    Testing in our lab per your specifications and objectives can demonstrate that our pneumatic conveying system can handle your material without degradation or alteration.

Schedule and test your materials

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    Step 1

    Send us a sample of dry material (10 -100lbs) along with your application details and criteria.

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    Step 2

    We'll test your material in our lab using process parameters tailored to your application.

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    Step 3

    You can witness the performance and control features of our test system so you feel confident choosing pneumatic conveying as the best solution for your application and ensure that a Pneu-Con smart-engineered pneumatic conveying system will meet your requirements and objectives.

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