What is a Pneumatic Conveying system?

A pneumatic conveying system is an assemblage of equipment, components and sealed lines designed to move material from source to destination using compressed air or pressurized gas.

A pneumatic conveying system is an engineered assemblage of vacuum or pressure conveying equipment, components and enclosed conveying lines designed to move dry pellet, granule or powder material from a source to a destination using the force of compressed air or pressurized gas. Pneumatic conveying is a method of transfer which retains transported material inside a sealed system and moves it from introduction into the conveying system through the point of process termination at the destination.

an installed pneumatic conveying system

Pneumatic Conveying System & Conveying Equipment

Pneumatic conveying Systems & equipment

Pneumatic conveying systems & equipment for handling dry bulk material and powders

The conveyance of dry bulk and powder material can be achieved through the use of a pneumatic conveying system. A pneumatic conveying system can be as simple as a self-contained vacuum loader, or be designed and installed as a complete pneumatic conveying system which may include one or more vacuum loaders, receivers, bag dump stations, hoppers, batchers, blenders, blowers, system controls, and other components, depending on the dry bulk material application.

Pneumatic Conveying systems for dry bulk pellets, granules & powder

Pneu-Con engineers and manufactures pneumatic conveying systems and equipment for handling dry bulk material and powder. Our pneumatic conveying system designs, dry bulk material handling knowledge, and manufacturing precision sets us apart from other pneumatic conveying system and dry bulk pneumatic conveying equipment suppliers.

Known for durability and ideal for conveying food, coffee, cocoa, dairy, grain, nuts, salt, spices, sugar, protein powder, pet food, pellets, powder, chemicals and pharmaceutical ingredients, Pneu-Con's pneumatic conveying systems are engineered to solve issues for a wide variety of dry bulk and powder material transport applications.

dry bulk food handled by a pneumatic conveying system

Suitability of a pneumatic conveying system for a dry bulk material application

A pneumatic conveying system offers benefits over mechanical conveying systems when moving dry bulk material. Mechanical transport systems aren't as effective at preventing loss, damage or release of conveyed material. Pneumatic conveying systems have superior sanitation and are easier to clean and maintain. Fully enclosed dust-free pneumatic conveying equipment and lines can prevent material from escaping the system during transport. This is particularly important when handling powders, which can present multiple safety concerns.

Pneumatic conveying systems are suitable for conveying many different types of dry bulk and powder material. Determining the best vacuum or pressure conveying system for a specific dry bulk material application involves the evaluation of numerous factors. The pneumatic conveying system experts at Pneu-Con are highly qualified and ready to help you analyze your dry material application and operating environment to determine the best pneumatic conveying system options for your needs.

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